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What Makes The Mazda CX5 So Popular

What Makes The Mazda CX5 So Popular

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  • Post published:June 22, 2022
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Rent a Mazda CX5 in Dubai and experience the elegantly styled and richly designed interior without compromising on comfort. Drive and enjoy this excellent fuel economy for an SUV on any road and weather. The car is appreciated for its dynamic handling and good mileage.

A typical 5-seater compact SUV with a decent interior, agile handling, comfortable seats and flexible cargo space.– CX5 is a perfect rental car for any trip in the UAE starting at AED 160 a day, 910 a week, and 2660 a month. 

Get in touch with the car rental agencies to know what’s inclusive and exclusive of the rental fee. Explore the models and their prices on OneClickDrive and make a direct booking for a long trip or a weekend getaway!

Mazda CX5 Car Hire Option

Mazda CX5 has a classy, well-built, and sleek interior with intricate detailing that will definitely impress you. Along with comfortable seats, the car has a spacious cabin, plenty of safety features, with athletic handling that will make your trip enjoyable.

Mazda CX5 four-cylinder engine has a great response when hustling around the city. It delivers elevated traction and control in varying conditions. The exquisite interior and exterior design of the CX5 are sophisticated, with Nappa leather-trimmed seats and redesigned front grille, alloy wheels, wheel arches, etc., to elevate the moments you spend driving this car. You will relish the car the way it rides and handles.

Features of the new Mazda CX5

New Mazda CX5 is a redesigned crossover with attractive bodywork and smooth surfaces on its front and rear. It has a remodeled front grille with a distinctive 3D mesh texture and reshaped LED headlights. Seats have been upgraded, and the suspension improvements have made the Mazda CX5 handle even better.

All models now come with an all-wheel drive. On using premium fuel, the turbo four engine horsepower increases from 6 to 256. This upgraded 256 HP turbocharged engine corresponds to its sporty handling. Mazda CX5 cutting-edge smart technology equipped with a 360-degree camera and Smart City Brake Support (SCBS) helps avoid any fatal collision by providing constant balance and control.

Every model has a 10.3-inch infotainment display that works even through voice commands and buttons on the steering wheel. The Apple CarPlay/ Android Auto integration allows you to stay connected as you drive through. 10.25-inch touchscreen display, smartphone accessibility, and Bose sound system are some other features to look out for when driving this beauty.

The safety and security features have been designed to bring you confidence and make your traveling stress-free. Renting a Mazda CX5 is always an ideal choice. Get in touch with the top Mazda CX 5 rentals in Dubai through the One Click Drive platform, and book directly through WhatsApp!

Top reasons to rent Mazda CX5

  •  Engine and Performance
  •  Interior and comfort
  •  Stress-free traveling due to advanced safety features
  •  Infotainment and entertainment
  •  Hassle-free renting process.
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