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Top 5 Cheap Car Rentals in Dubai

Top 5 Cheap Car Rentals in Dubai

It’s no secret that driving in Dubai can be a chore sometimes. With incredibly unforgiving, wherein if you miss an exit, the length of your journey is increased by a substantial amount, as well as Salik (toll) charges, and hefty speeding fines, you can burn through your wallet at an alarming pace. To combat this, many people opt for cheap car rentals, with lower fuel consumption and running costs, to avoid the financial strain that comes with a high-end vehicle.

Furthermore, when you consider the current global situation, public transport isn’t anyone’s preferred method of travel, regardless of how affordable it may be, thus, many people may want to consider renting or leasing an economical vehicle so that they can travel safely within the country. With this in mind, here are 5 comfortable yet economical vehicles that you can consider renting or leasing for the coming months.

1. Nissan Sunny: Dubai’s Favourite Cheap Car Rentals

Nissan Sunny for Cheap Car Rentals in Dubai
Any road you go on, chances are there’s a Nissan Sunny driving alongside you. For decades, this car has been a staple of comfort and economy put together. With class-leading interior space, a large boot, brilliant ride quality and excellent fuel economy, this car is ideal for those looking for excellent value. If you’re looking for comfort, value, and fuel economy over power, then this is the car you’re looking for. It has enough space in the back to fit 3 people comfortably, and there’s full connectivity for your mobile device, including bluetooth audio. The 99hp, 1.5-litre inline-4 engine might seem small, but at highway speeds, it’s incredibly quiet and smooth. Overall, this is the best bang for your buck.

Given the post Covid-19 scenario, the Nissan Sunny rents for about AED 70 per day and about AED 1300 per month. Prices may be higher or lower depending on the rental agency, car model, mileage limit and so on. Be sure to check out car rental offers for the Nissan Sunny in Dubai / Abu Dhabi / Sharjah and other emirates on OneClickDrive.com.

2. Toyota Corolla: Where Economy Meets Luxury

Toyota Corolla Cheap Car Rentals in Dubai

Another staple on UAE roads is the Toyota Corolla. For decades, this car has been amongst one of the best-selling compact cars for its comfort and economy. With brilliant space in the car, a sizable boot, good technology for the price range and a soft, supple ride, this car will fit all your needs. The 120hp, 1.6-litre inline-4 engine, might not be comparable to a sports car in any way, but it’s more than enough power for you to be able to cruise comfortably on any highway, and it’s an incredibly easy vehicle to drive overall. 

You can find the Toyota Corolla cheap car rentals on oneclickdrive.com. The car is priced incredibly fairly, and is available in multiple cities across the UAE. The rental charge for this car is around AED 80 daily, and around AED 1500 monthly. Prices may vary depending on the model, rental agency, mileage limit, etc. Rent the Toyota Corolla in Dubai / Abu Dhabi / Sharjah and other emirates on OneClickDrive.com.

3. Renault Duster: Utility in an Affordable Package

Renault Duster for rent in Business Bay, Dubai

This compact SUV is one of the only such cars in its class. With one of the most affordable price-tags you can find on any SUV, fair power in the engine. It’s by no means an off-roader, but you definitely won’t be worried about any speed-bumps or potholes in the road with this car. Furthermore, the high ride height is very comforting on long journeys, and the SUV design means there’s more than enough storage space in this car. The inline-4 engine comes in a 1.6 litre and a 2.0 litre variant, both of which provide enough power, and aren’t too noisy. Overall, this compact SUV is the ultimate blend of economy and comfort. 

Currently, the Renault Duster rents for about AED 90 per day and about AED 1700 per month. Prices may vary depending on various factors, such as with any rental, but regardless, this is the most fairly priced SUV on the market today. Rent a Renault Duster in Dubai / Abu Dhabi / Sharjah and other emirates on OneClickDrive.com.

4. Kia Optima: Korean Economy meets German Comfort

Rent Kia Optima in Dubai

The Kia Optima may be slightly pricier than the other options, but if you’re looking for a car that provides luxury, a smooth ride, and fantastic fuel-economy and reliability, then there is nothing better than this car. The sporty styling, huge rear seating area, and massive boot all make this car the ultimate daily-driver. Even the 2.4 litre inline-4 engine has fair power for an economical car, and this is clearly evident on the highway, when one of these comes up behind you in the fast lane, flashing its lights. There’s no going wrong with the Kia Optima, and if you’re looking for the most comfortable car of the bunch, then this is it. 

You can rent the Kia Optima for approximately AED 100 per day and approximately AED 2000 per month, and prices can vary depending on multiple factors. This is among one of the most spacious cars you can find for this price, and it’s definitely worth it for this level of comfort and safety.  Be sure to check out cheap car rentals for the Kia Optima in Dubai/ Sharjah and other Emirates.

5. Chevrolet Malibu: Luxury Features, Compact Fuel Economy

Chevrolet Malibu for hire in JLT Dubai

The Chevrolet Malibu is another slightly more luxurious car than the first few, but provides one of the smoothest rides, with one of the most spacious cabins you can find in this price range. With a wonderful ride, renowned gearbox, superb safety features, and great technology, this car will definitely provide you with all the essentials, as well as plenty of creature comforts. The car looks, and feels more premium than it is in all ways, and the 2.4-litre inline-4 engine as well as the 3.0-litre V6 both produce plenty of power, without being too intrusive or noisy. All in all, this car is incredibly comfortable, with a very high-end feel to it. 

Right now, the Chevrolet Malibu rents for about AED 100 per day and about AED 2000 per month. Prices may vary based on factors such as the model of the car, the rental agency, etc. However, this is one of the most comfortable, and most tech-savvy car you can find at this price. With ample technology and comfort, you won’t regret going with this vehicle.  Be sure to check out car rental offers for the Chevrolet Malibu in Dubai and other emirates on OneClickDrive.com.

If you’re looking to rent a car in Dubai, be it an economy, sports, luxury, van, SUV or any other type of car, be sure to check out the lowest, market rates on OneClickDrive.com.


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