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  • Post published:January 29, 2021
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Dubai is a big tourist hub now, shedding its old slough of an arid plot of nowhere. Quickly adapting to the various modern trends regarding tourism, car rental was also taken into consideration, growing into a very easily accessible and convenient service now. Gone are your troubles of waiting for eternity and hailing cabs and Ubers for moving from one place to another. In Dubai, you can also get these luxurious car rentals with your very own chauffeur. Listed below are the top 5 advantages of rent a car with a driver in Dubai.

  • License: Every country has its own rules and regulations that you must abide by. When it comes to Dubai, you simply cannot hire a car and start driving with your country’s license. For residents of Dubai, you will need to have a solid license in order to hire a car. While for the tourists, an IDP is a must which allows you to drive your car with your country’s home license itself, provided, it is included in the long list of countries who are allowed that privilege. China, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and USA are some of the countries in that extensive list. You should check out if your country enjoys that perk as well. You can avoid all this hassle of paperwork and permissions, as long as you hire your car with a driver in Dubai, who can drive you anywhere.
  • Navigability: If you are new to the city, you might find it extra difficult to navigate around all the streets and corners of this city, let alone the outskirts of it. Depending on your cab drivers might also not prove very helpful most of the time, as they usually go by the larger landmarks. Luxury car rentals usually offer you really skilled drivers who will not only get you to your location in no time but also be well acquainted with the place.
  • Communication barrier: In case you are coming down for a vacation in Dubai, this service might prove you much more beneficial than you can imagine. Car renting services have gone really popular, with much competition in the market. For this reason, the chauffeur service has boomed too. One can almost certainly assure you that you will get a chauffeur who will be able to speak at least one of the languages that you are comfortable with, which might not be the case with the local cab drivers.
  • Parking: Dubai is strict will many of its rules and restrictions. The parking service is no exception. You cannot just park your rented car anywhere you fancy. For newbies or even residents who have not owned cars before, it might be quite puzzling to carry through all these rules without a bit of bewilderment. Instead, you can depend on your skilled driver of car renting services to do the task for you, as you get down to run on the beach, or do some pending shopping for the day.
  • Economic: Renting your personal car with a driver in Dubai gives you a lot of independence. Firstly, you get to choose the size of your car with your driver, so that, you do not have to divide between multiple cabs if you are travelling in a group. More importantly, the rentals have a fixed tariff unlike the cab services in Dubai, hence, it will prove cost-effective in the long run. 

Dubai is a popular tourist attraction, known well for its grandeur and luxury. From the various exclusive services to the amazing scenic beauty, you have a lot to explore. Why not splurge a little for a change on yourself and get rid of all the avoidable trouble with a simple driver when you go for your rental car. Renting luxury cars, with drivers has become a lifestyle trend in this fast-growing city.

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