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Top 5 Benefits to Hire a Car in Dubai on Monthly Basis

Top 5 Benefits to Hire a Car in Dubai on Monthly Basis

Dubai is the home to several expats hailing from every continent. Many tourists who visit Dubai for the first time often set up shop or buy a holiday home here. Whatever the reason may be, if you are planning on staying in Dubai for a month or more, you’d definitely need a car to get around and monthly car rental Dubai will be the best option for you.

A monthly rental is ideal in such circumstances as buying a car for such a short period of time is not wise. Therefore, monthly car rental Dubai always has its benefits and here’s what you can expect.

1. Maximum convenience

When you are going for monthly car rental Dubai, you can obviously keep aside all other worries. The only thing you need to take care of is adding fuel to the rented car. All other maintenance costs and paper works will be taken care of by the car rental companies.

However, you must clear the toll payments, UAE Salik if crossing the border and any traffic fine, in case you break any laws. Also, your luxury rented car should come damage-free and in pristine condition. Moreover, once an individual buys a car, he/she needs to register the car with the authorities and even have insurance.

A leading car rental company will cover all the legal procedures in order to ensure that the fleet of rented cars is perfect for commercial use. In this way, the monthly car rental services become easy and hassle-free and the customers can be assured that all the legal documentation is done as required. So, the customers do not have to do anything else other than paying for the rented car.

2. Flexibility

With your rented supercar or budget-friendly rented cars, you can travel to any location you want. You certainly do not have to book a taxi, go for public transport or keep booking rented cars from a rental agency.
One can travel to different locations without wasting any time. Moreover, they can save time on going through the same procedure of hiring a rented car and returning it over and over again. Monthly car rental Dubai services will provide you with the car a month or more and you can keep using it until the return date has arrived.

When renting a family car in Dubai or say a sedan rented car, you can travel with your family. Public transports are messy and we usually tend to split up due to so much hassle. But by booking a car for a month, you can take your family and friends along with you.

3. Fixed cost

You are obviously going to make big savings if you are going to book a car for a long period. Hiring a car for a month from a reputed car rental company will certainly cost less compared to the per day charge of car rentals. Most car rental users budget their monthly car rental cost against their monthly salary.

This motivates the customers to consider the monthly options and travel the city as much as they want. Besides, you do not have to buy a car for just travelling around. Also, there is no maintenance cost required and so, you are going to save a considerable amount.

4. Unlimited options

Luxury rented cars and supercar rentals are popular in Dubai. So, if you are a car fanatic and want to ride a new model, you can choose the monthly car rental services. You can definitely switch your current rented car to the latest model for the next month without any question.

The charges depend on the car you choose. If the model you want to upgrade is costlier than the previous rented luxury car model, then you need to pay the extra amount. Same goes when you wish to downgrade your rental car and save extra for some months.

5. 24×7 Roadside Assistance

Be it a minor problem or a major situation, you always have the convenience of seeking 24 by 7 roadside assistance. The top rental companies come with a team that ensures that the users never have to face any trouble.

Even if you have lost your way, the team will certainly guide you back to safety in case of any emergencies. These reputed companies do not give up on their responsibility as soon as you have hired a car from them. In fact, they have got your back throughout the journey.

So, now when you have read the perks of booking a car on a monthly basis, you can save yourself from paying an extra amount. Save you money and book a luxury car instead with that saved amount for a once in a lifetime experience in Dubai.

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