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Things to know before planning a trip to Abu Dhabi

Things to know before planning a trip to Abu Dhabi

Planning a trip to Abu Dhabi? its certainly one of the most beautiful, culturally rich yet conservative cities in the United Arab Emirates. In this city, you will be able to get acquainted with the Arabian culture while being astonished by its architecture, technology and overall beauty. However, there are a few things that you need to know before planning a trip to Abu Dhabi. Once you are aware of these things, you can rent a car in Abu Dhabi to simply drive around.

Renting a car is always better:
This is certainly one of the most important things that you must be aware of while travelling to Abu Dhabi. Of course, there is a public transport system present in Abu Dhabi but you will not be able to reach all the places via public transport. Moreover, you can also opt for taxis. However, they will very costly too. So, you will end up crossing your travel budget. Thus, it is always wise to get rental car services in Abu Dhabi and travel freely without having to worry about anything.

Always wear covered clothes:
Being a culturally rich city and part of an Islamic state, there are certain regulations on what you can wear and you must respect that while in Abu Dhabi. When on the roads, it is better to dress lightly to be comfortable in the hot climate. However, when you are at any restaurant or hotel, it is better to keep jackets or light shawl with you. It is better to wear clothes that cover your shoulders and knees. You are allowed to wear swimsuits at the beach. But keep covered clothes in the trunk of your rented car and wear them immediately once you come out of the beach to avoid disrespecting the local people.

Learn a few Arabic words:
Staffs in most of the hotel and car rental companies speak English to communicate with the tourists. However, the local populace and vendors are not so adept at speaking English. Hence, it is better for you to learn few Arabic words for phrases such as “thank you”, “sorry”. “excuse me”, “hello”, “help” and “water”. Learning these few phrases will definitely help you to get by in a much better way.

Best time to visit:
Being a city surrounded by desert, Abu Dhabi has a hot and sunny climate all year long. However, the heat increases tremendously during the months of summer. So, it is better to avoid that time since you are not adept at the heat of Abu Dhabi. If you are planning an a trip to Abu Dhabi, it is better to visit between October and may since you will be able to drive around in your affordable rented car freely.

Abu Dhabi is a city of proud and cultural people. So, it is always important that you respect the local laws and their culture. So, be careful about the things, hire a car in Abu Dhabi and have fun in this marvellous city.

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