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The Pleasure Of Being Driven Around In Dubai

The Pleasure Of Being Driven Around In Dubai

A range of driver-only services available for your distinct requirements: Be it for your family to be transported safely, your clients to be driven across the UAE, hiring an outsourced driver or simply a designated driver or valet parking service.


Driving your car is a necessity but being driven around in one? That’s luxury. Driving is an enjoyable experience but can be tiring and undesirable for most. Being behind the steering wheel, especially for long hours, having to deal with traffic and other drivers on the road in Dubai can be frustrating to say the least.

If true comfort is what you seek while travelling in your car, hiring a driver service is the best possible way to do so. The concept is pretty simple, you choose the driver service suiting your requirement and be driven around in the comfort of your own car. At the end of the service, the driver will park your car where it’s supposed to be and you will have developed a liking towards how pleasant being driven around in your own car feels.

There are a range of services to choose from, specifically tailored to accomodate your needs. Each service is delivered by an RTA-registered professional driver, well-trained and highly experienced with the routes and driving regulations of the UAE. With high regards for maintaining the hygiene of your cars, the drivers come with a kit. Seat cover for the driver’s seat, foot cover, air freshener, hand gloves, and a box of tissues to ensure that our drivers do not tamper with the standard and quality of your cars. 

A highlight among the thoughtfully put together driver services is Outsourced Driver on Monthly-basis. An effective solution for your daily personal and/or corporate needs. A 10-hour dedicated service, 5 days a week without having to worry about the driver’s accomodation and visa costs. In addition, the driver’s daily transport to and from your location is taken care of by our company. You can use this service for your daily commute to work or to tend to your household needs like your child’s transportation and daily chores. Our clients include diverse corporations and affluent families that can depend on our professional drivers for their day-to-day chores. Chargeable monthly, you can hire this service for a mere AED 4500 a month. 

Other services include the Designated Driver service, Event Driver service, Driver by the Hour service and Valet Parking service. 


Hiring a designated driver contributes largely in safely getting back home and avoiding a hefty punishment of driving drunk in the UAE (zero tolerance, mind you). Available any time of the day, you can have a professional driver drive you to your destination when you’re under the influence of alcohol. You might think to yourself, I can handle my alcohol, I might as well drive myself. Well, we are sure you can but why risk it? You might get into an unforeseen accident, exceed a certain speed limit, pass a red light or worse get pulled over for an alcohol test. All of which will get you into a lot of trouble along with a hefty fine. It’s always better to be safe than sorry and hiring a designated driver is just the right way to do so. 

For an event to qualify as a perfectly planned event, sorting out transport needs for your guests is a must. The best way to have that taken care of is by hiring Event Drivers. A set of appropriately dressed professional drivers with the specific role of driving your guests to and from the venue is sure to leave a good impression of your event. 

Hiring a driver service is a pleasant experience for all. However, a few might consider the services overpriced for their requirement. To help let go of that notion, you can choose to hire a Driver by the Hour. Specifically tailored for short drives, this service allows you to pay only for the time you use the driver. Have to get to the other part of town for an event or a chore? Hire a driver by the hour (minimum 4 hour service) and make your trip feasible and hassle-free.

The single most effective way of pleasing your customers is a properly put together Valet Parking Service for your guests. The valet is the first and last point of contact with your customers. Hiring the right Valet Parking Service can single handedly contribute to the growth and customer satisfaction of your business.

With OneClickDrive.com, you can now hire a driver service perfectly suitable for all your needs with ease. Partnered with Safety Drive Valet Parking, we deliver a pleasing and satisfying range of driver services. So hire a driver with us and let us know your experience in the comments section below.

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