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The Exponential Growth of Luxury Yacht Rentals in Dubai

The Exponential Growth of Luxury Yacht Rentals in Dubai

Dubai is like a fantasy location for many individuals, especially those who like luxury. Tall structures that reach the sky and large commercial centres are everywhere in the city. But one excursion stands out above the rest: yacht rentals. In addition to being dazzling, it also provides a unique experience. Let’s look at some facts to see why yacht rentals in Dubai are more than just a trend.

By the Numbers: Yacht Rentals in Dubai

Dubai has a beautiful coastline. The Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMCA) reports a rise in the number of people renting yachts. Since 2016, there has been a 9% rise per year. Why is this happening?

In 2019, 16.7 million people travelled to Dubai. The Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) estimates that 6% of these guests rented a yacht. That’s a large number of people!

In addition, a survey done in 2021 found that 15% of Dubai residents had at least once rented a yacht the year prior.

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Different Yacht Sizes

Yachts exist in a range of sizes to suit different sized groups. These are as follows:

  • 60 percent of the yacht rentals are for yachts that are 50 and 80 feet in length. These are primarily rented by families and small groups.
  • Thirty percent of rentals are made up of the bigger yachts ranging from  81–120 feet. These are rented mostly for formal parties and business events.
  • Yachts between 12 and 20 feet long are the biggest and most opulent. They account for 10% of rentals and are only used for really special occasions or large.

Yacht Rental in Dubai

Reasons for the Growing Popularity of Luxury Yacht Rentals in Dubai

Renting a yacht in Dubai is about more than just the ride:

  • 85% of those who rent a yacht say they do so to see landmarks like the Burj Khalifa and the Palm Jumeirah from the water.
  • 70% of those polled say they value the yacht’s distinctive characteristics, including its facilities and other recreational F&B experiences. 

More than half of individuals who charter a yacht also participate in other fun water activities, like deep-sea fishing and jet skiing.

Yacht Rental in Dubai

Yacht Rental Booking 

Many people are booking reservations for yachts on their phone. Almost 60% of all yacht reservations in 2022 came from smartphone applications. This is because more than 20,000 UAE citizens search online every month to find and book yachts in Dubai.

How Yacht Rentals Help Dubai’s Economy

Jobs: Over the previous five years, yacht rentals have created about 5,000 job possibilities in crew members and even marketing. 

Helping Other Businesses: People who rent yachts also spend money on other things like food and entertainment, which benefits other businesses. For every AED spent on yacht rentals in 2022, extra is spent on associated services.

Final Reflections:

Yacht rentals in Dubai is a distinctive experience in Dubai. People take pleasure in the water while getting a new view on the city. If you ever travel to Dubai, think about renting a yacht. It’s a wonderful thing for making memories you’ll treasure!

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