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Steps to handle a car accident in Dubai, UAE (2018 Updated)

Driving in the UAE is sheer pleasure.The road infrastructure across the emirates is world-class with updated signages for easy navigation. If you’re short of a car, be sure to check out our car rental list with their rates on OneClickDrive.com.  The general driver attitude is amicable given the hefty fines for rash driving.

The road and transport authority (RTA) in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and other emirates maintains a high level of security so as to avoid traffic accidents and congestions. However, as life has it, it’s never 100% avoidable. Should you ever find yourself in an unforeseen situation and meet with an accident, here are our suggested steps to deal with the situation the right way. As every country has its own rules and norms, Dubai has its own taking cue from other developed countries.

We have answered some questions regarding accidents in UAE in this post. Read on carefully as this info will help you further fines and payments.

1. What to do when an accident occurs?

The first and foremost thing to do is to remind yourself to think clearly.

– Turn on your hazard lights and check if you or any of your fellow passengers is hurt

– If it’s safe to get out, check on the passengers in the other involved cars

– Call the Police on 999 and mention the accident location and if anyone is hurt

– Momentarily, look behind to check if you are obstructing traffic flow; if you are, move your car to either side of the road

– Wait till the Police arrive on the scene

2. What the police would need?

You would need certain documents in order to prove that you’re driving legally in the UAE:

If you’re a UAE resident, you must submit:

– UAE Driving License

– Emirates ID

– Car Registration (Mulqiya) Card

If you’re a Tourist, you must submit:

– Home country’s Driving License with an International Driving Permit (if required)

– Passport Copy

– Car Registration (Mulqiya) Card

On submitting the above documents to the police at the scene, you are entitled to receive the police report.

3. How should you behave with the police?

Losing temper is a common practice when an accident happens. However, whether you have a rental car or your own, take a deep breath and cooperate with the police.

– Avoid frenzied hand gestures

– Do not argue

– Speak when necessary, each person involved will get a chance to speak

– Do not interfere with the working of police

– Always keep your cool and let the police decide who’s guilty

4. Police Analysis Reports

If you are driving a rented car, it must be with an insurance coverage (which are of many types). Generally, all rental cars in the UAE include the cost of a CDW (collision damage waiver) a.k.a. comprehensive insurance. This insures the driver against the damages to the car in an accident, provided it isn’t your fault and get a green or white slip by the police.

Entirely on the situation and analysis by the police, you will be provided a report. If you are found guilty of the cause of the accident, you will be issued a pink (or red) slip. If not, you will be given receive a green form, which means you are not to be blamed. In certain situations, though rarely, a white form is issued, which means neither of the involved drivers are at fault or blamable.

Whether green, white, or pink, the forms would be in Arabic. If you don’t know this language, you may ask the officer but do not argue at the outcome. The police in the UAE is strict so best to stay away from any further trouble.

In case of a red slip, you are liable to pay the rental car company which will get you a repair quote from a garage. To avoid any damage charges even if you get a red slip, you can opt for a full coverage insurance (additional charges apply) at the start of car rental. Note, you will still need to get a police report that the car rental company needs to submit for insurance claims.

5. Should you attempt fleeing?

Never. You should, under no circumstances, attempt to flee from the accident scene. A fine of AED 500 and 6 black points on your driving license may apply alongwith car confiscation for 7 days may apply, if you attempt or are caught fleeing. Incase another driver is trying to flee, note down the car plate number and report it to the police.

6. Inform the Car Rental Company

Inform the car rental manager you are dealing with regarding the accident, damage to the car and police report you have received. The car rental company will send you a replacement vehicle and explain to you if you are to pay any charges.

So, these are some of the recommendations or factors to consider in case you step in an accident. Drive Safe!

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