The History behind the UAE’s Love for Cars

  • Post author:Arun Pancholia

The UAE’s love for cars is something that they hold very dear, and this is definitely reflected by what you see both on, and off the roads. This love for cars isn’t simply based on wealth and the desire to show off.

5 Most Economical Vehicles In Dubai for Rent

  • Post author:Arun Pancholia

When you consider the current global situation, public transport isn’t anyone’s preferred method of travel, regardless of how affordable it may be, thus, many people may want to consider renting or leasing an economical vehicle so that they can travel safely within the country. With this in mind, here are 5 comfortable yet economical vehicles that you can consider renting or leasing for the coming months.

It’s time to drive, Dubai!

  • Post author:Niraj Bhatia

Guest writer Niraj Bhatia believes, the sheer simple joys of life like going on a road trip, will certainly go a long way in lifting our spirits post Covid-19.

Follow Lane Discipline to avoid getting RTA Fines in Dubai

  • Post author:Arun Pancholia

“Failure of a light vehicle to abide by lane discipline” is a traffic violation in Dubai. You may get a RTA fine of AED 400. Whether it’s intentional or unintentional if you straddle into another lane without paying attention (keeping safe distance from other vehicles) and intimating other drivers (by using the side indicators).

5 Most Luxurious Cars To Be Driven In

  • Post author:Arun Pancholia

It’s no secret that driving in Dubai can be hectic. The smooth, big roads might provide a good ride, free of bumps and potholes, but this doesn’t take away the stress of driving on a busy 14 lane highway with cars on either side of you, and exits that are incredibly easy to miss if […]

5 Most Fun Cars for a Weekend of Spirited Driving

  • Post author:Arun Pancholia

Due to Covid-19, people have resisted from usual weekend activities. Yet there is yet a safe, rich experience that can induce an incredible adrenaline rush: Renting an exotic car in Dubai!

The Top 5 Luxury SUVs to Rent this Eid

  • Post author:Arun Pancholia

Many people go out to look at the decorations set up around the city for the occasion, and what better to go out with your family in, than a super-SUV that fits the whole family with room to spare, and has the power to outrun the majority of the cars driving alongside you?

RTA’s hourly car rental initiative in Dubai

  • Post author:admin

Car rental on hourly basis in Dubai – what, how and who provides the service. Learn how you can rent the best sports, luxury and economy cars charged per hour

How car rentals will eventually emerge beyond COVID-19

  • Post author:admin

When things are back on track and cars crowd the roads again. It would be a handful of new car owners and a substantial number of car renters. No matter the discounts, deals and delayed payments, consumers would want to avoid buying cars in the future.

Dubai Parking Guide: 2020 (Payment, Fines, Zones, Tariffs)

  • Post author:admin

The parking system in the UAE is a bit complex. It’s evolved over the years to accommodate demands and costing structures. Besides, different rules apply in different zones. Read on to find out more about the latest parking fees for both pay-as-you-go and RTA seasonal parking cards in Dubai. Knowing these parking fees is important […]