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Dubai’s Drive Time: OneClickDrive Hits Your Favourite Radio Stations

Dubai’s Drive Time: OneClickDrive Hits Your Favourite Radio Stations

We’re thrilled to announce that OneClickDrive car rental marketplace has hit the airwaves! Tune in to City FM 101.6, Virgin Radio, and Al Arabiya 99 FM to catch our exciting debut. But why did we choose radio as our platform, and why these specific stations? Let’s delve into our decision-making process and explore how driving, traffic, and the demographic landscape of Dubai influenced our strategy.

Why Radio Caught Our Attention

Dubai is a city known for its bustling streets, where driving is a way of life. With a diverse population comprising both residents and tourists, the demand for reliable transportation solutions is ever-present. Whether navigating the city’s iconic landmarks or venturing off the beaten path, having access to a rental car offers flexibility and convenience.

Moreover, Dubai’s demographic landscape is characterised by a blend of cultures and nationalities, reflecting its status as a global hub. By leveraging radio, we effectively reach this diverse audience and showcase the benefits of renting a car for exploring everything Dubai has to offer.

Radio remains a powerful medium for reaching a diverse audience. Unlike other forms of media, radio allows us to connect directly with listeners in their cars. It’s a medium that people often tune into during their daily commutes or while running errands, making it the perfect platform for promoting our car rental services.

The Stations That Made the Cut

City FM 101.6, Virgin Radio, and Al Arabiya 99 FM are among the most popular radio stations in Dubai, each catering to different demographics and tastes. By partnering up with Arabian Radio Network (ARN), we reach a broad spectrum of listeners and effectively target our desired audience.

City FM 101.6: Known for its diverse programming and engaging content, City FM appeals to a wide range of listeners, making it an ideal choice for reaching a diverse audience interested in car rentals.  

Virgin Radio: With its upbeat and dynamic vibe, Virgin Radio attracts a younger audience, making it perfect for targeting millennials and Gen Z’s, who are often on the lookout for convenient transportation options like rental cars.

Al Arabiya 99 FM: As a leading Arabic-language radio station, Al Arabiya 99 FM allows us to connect with Arabic-speaking residents and tourists in Dubai, ensuring that our message resonates with a key demographic in the city.


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In summary, our bold leap onto the airwaves and alliance with City FM 101.6, Virgin Radio, and Al Arabiya 99 FM showcase our commitment to driving convenience into the lives of Dubai’s vibrant community and tourists, one rental at a time!

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