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How to Rent a Car in Dubai Without Credit Card

How to Rent a Car in Dubai Without Credit Card

In today’s world, most people own a credit card because of its many benefits. You can use it for multiple purposes, from making a purchase to making bookings and even earning cashback in certain categories.

Speaking of car renting, you typically need a credit card to book a rental cars in Dubai. Does that mean that it is not possible to rent a car without owning a credit card? The answer is, No. With One Click Drive, you do not have to worry. Several car rental companies listed on our page provide multiple payment options. You can pay for your rental car with a payment method that best suits you.

What are the different payment options to rent a car?

Most rental car companies expect you to pay with a credit card, and they may not accept other forms of payments. The credit card via which the payment is made must be in the driver’s name. If the acceptable form of payment is unavailable, the reservation may be refused and subject to the cancellation policy.

However, if you do not have a credit card, several rental companies also accept other payment methods for booking a car rental. You can explore the different options on various listings on One Click Drive.

Apart from renting a car using a credit card, there are other acceptable payment methods for renting a car. However, this may differ from one company to another. Some of the acceptable forms of payment are:

  • Debit card

If you do not have a credit card and the company accepts debit cards as other forms of payment, then you can prefer to pay via debit card. Several companies accept debit card payments bearing the VISA or Mastercard logo. However, they look for specific types of cards and may even require you to take additional steps.

However, some vehicle types cannot be rented if you present a debit card instead of a credit card. If you use a debit card, many rental car companies will put a hold or a block on your card of a thousand or above Dirhams. This protects the company, ensuring that the money is available if necessary.

Using a credit card to rent a car is hassle-free and will save you time. But if you do not own a credit card, you can still use a debit card to rent a car. Be prepared to take additional steps, review any restrictions, and check with the rental company. Remember, you might have to pay extra money as a security deposit – refunded 30 days after the car is returned. 

  • Cash

Many car rental companies accept cash as a form of payment for the rental fee. You can explore more than 150 companies on One Click Drive and use filters to narrow down your choices according to the payment method. You also need to check the document requirements of these companies before making a booking. 

Companies also take a minimum of AED 1000 security deposit by credit card, debit card, or cash to cover up for any accidental damage to the car. Make sure that you are carrying enough cash to hire a rental car. 

  • Cheques

Cheques are a traditional centralized payment method used for collecting regular and one-off payments. This cashless transaction allows easy transaction of money to the car rental company. Many car rental companies offer this type of payment method for a low to a high limit transaction, especially when renting a luxury, sports, or supercars. 

Therefore, while renting a car, you can use this safe, secure, and convenient way to pay for the hired car. Make sure you are carrying an authentic bank cheque. The car is delivered or allowed for a pick-up only after the rental company receives the confirmation of your cheque payment. 

  • Bitcoin/ Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a decentralized digital form of currency used in multiple domains to make purchases and bookings. Car rental payments in bitcoin can be made without your personal information. At the same time, the transaction is always transparent and can be verified in the bitcoin blockchain to ensure the safety of your money. 

This non-traditional payment method ensures you book your car without any complicated payment process. Get your car rental with bitcoin and eliminate the hidden extra in your car rental costs.

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What are the documents required for renting a car through other payment methods? 

To rent a car with other payment methods, make sure you are carrying these documents:

  • Make sure you carry enough cash, an authentic bank cheque, and have a crypto wallet to hire the rental car. 
  • Copy of valid ID and Passport
  • Driving license, which is different for UAE residents and tourists visiting UAE.
  • Other documents as specified by the company.

Tips for renting a car without a credit card in Dubai

If you want to rent a car and do not have a credit card, follow these tips.

  1. Find a car rental company that does not require credit card payment or has other payment options. Several car rental companies listed on One Click Drive have flexible payment methods. Every car rental company has different payment rules based on age and the car you choose. Make sure to explore and inquire well before booking a rental car.
  2. Check the vehicle availability as you might be limited to types of cars when not renting via a credit card. For example, high-end sports or luxury cars can’t secure a deposit without a credit card. So, it is better to check with the car rental company.
  3. Putting down a refundable security deposit. This deposit is exclusive of the rental fees. Upon returning the vehicle, this amount is refunded 30 days later after confirming that there was no damage done to the vehicle, nor were there any traffic violations. It is unlikely that a rental company will let you hire a vehicle without any security deposit first.
  4. Carry all the documents required for renting a car. Whether you are a UAE resident or a tourist, you must carry the required documents for renting a car. You are handed over the rented car only if you fulfill the eligibility criteria and carry all the required documents.
  5. You must fulfill the eligibility criteria to rent a car. The car rental companies in Dubai predefine the age-related requirements, and you must be of the eligible age to rent a car. 

Why choose One Click Drive for renting?

  • The only comprehensive car rental marketplace with 1500 car listings from top rental companies in UAE. 
  • Hassle-free booking process. 
  • Direct booking available – through the website or directly via WhatsApp.
  • Multiple payment options for car renting. 
  • Wide range of cars to choose from – economy, luxury, sports, etc.
  • No markups or commission
  • Heavy discounts on car rentals
  • Multiple services such as a car with a chauffeur and airport pick-up and drop-off services are available. 


One of the characteristics of a great business is its ability to adjust and thrive on its customer needs and convenience. The car rental process has become easy with multiple payment options such as credit card, debit card, cash, cheque, and Bitcoin cryptocurrencies. Explore the options available on One Click Drive if you prefer to pay for your car rental in Dubai with any of these payment methods! Now that you know other payment options, you’re prepared to drive off in your rental car and have fun!

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