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How To Avoid Salik Charges On Dubai Roads? | OneClickDrive Car Rental

How To Avoid Salik Charges On Dubai Roads? | OneClickDrive Car Rental

While driving in Dubai, it is important to be aware of toll gates and the associated fines. So whether you are hiring a car or are adapting to the driving system in the UAE, here are the things that you should know about Saliks.

Tips to Avoid Salik Toll Charges

Whether you want to go for a car rental in Dubai or are trying to acquaint yourself with the new driving system in the UAE, learning about the toll gates in the country and the fines related to them is non-negotiable. 

When you travel via road, the transportation taxes and services of the toll always cross your path, sometimes when you least expect it. The road taxation system in Dubai is officially known as Salik. So you are at the right place if you want to learn more about the Salik Tolls and the tips to avoid fines connected to these tolls. Keep reading to find out more.

What is a Salik Tag?

The Salik tolls installed in Dubai are automated toll-collecting machines installed at selected places in the country. The word is that the UAE government is planning to increase its numbers in the coming years. 

Established in 2007, this system allows everyone who owns a Salik tag to get through the toll system seamlessly and without hassle. It was introduced to save time and energy of the driver and the automobiles that were otherwise spent on traditional tolling methods. Your Salik tag is instantaneously scanned as you pass through any of the tolling stations. In fact, you don’t even have to slow down your vehicle.

Creating a Salik Account

Registering for and creating a Salik account is another prerequisite for getting through the Salik tolls without trouble. 

It is easy to create a Salik account, and numerous possibilities exist. The first step to building a Salik account is to fill out an application form online or in-person at a toll gas station. Make sure to carry your necessary documents for identity verification and car registration details. 

Next, wait for a few days until you receive a Salik kit with a tag or pick up one at a gas station that can be linked to your assigned Salik ID. You will be directed to attach the label to the sunroof or the windshield. Be sure to do so, and you’ll be set to go through the toll without interruption.

Avoiding the Salik Tolls Charges

No one wants to pay toll fines if they know ways to avoid them. Here are some of them: 

  • Some Salik toll gates, such as the Al Maktoum Bridge, don’t collect tolls every time you pass through them. It is accurate, and not many people know it. Off-peak hours, public holidays, and Fridays are some of the rare occasions when the toll gates are not chargeable.
  • The Al Khail road, Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, and Emirates Road are fantastic alternatives to the Salik route, i.e., Sheikh Zayed Road. 
  • Make a regular check on your balance and ensure it is topped up and not at the brink of a zero-sum to avoid fines. An SMS alert is generally sent to the registered mobile number as low-balance reminders.
  • Keep your account updated and registered at all times. 

Final Word

While it is true that one should have accurate information about the Salik tag, account, and how to avoid the fines associated, it is also essential that you get the best offers on car rentals or, better yet, a Rolls Royce rental in Dubai. So, if you want to rent cars in Dubai at affordable rates and the best quality, explore https://www.oneclickdrive.com/ and get ready for your next best ride!

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