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Hatchbacks – The Best Choice for Picnics in Dubai for Families

Hatchbacks – The Best Choice for Picnics in Dubai for Families

Dubai is a fascinating city with many options for locals and tourists to enjoy on weekends. People have a lot to explore for their weekend fun, whether exotic beaches, fantastic parks, or artificial islands. Families prefer hatchback cars for their weekend fun, providing comfort and compact designs for incredible long drives.

Rent a car in Dubai is a lifesaver for those looking to hire a car from rentals for picnics with families. Traveling with families requires more space in the vehicle not only to accommodate kids but their accessories too. And if you have plans to cook yourself, you need extra space in your car to adjust your things like cutlery items, cooking dishes, groceries, cylinders, etc. To take your picnic necessities with you, you need a hatchback.

Best Hatchbacks for your Picnics


Volkswagen is a top-class German car lineup providing all types of cars to its lover for personal and professional pursuits. GTI is a perfect hatchback. Its contemporary design and innovative technology make it the best choice for those looking for style and performance. It provides extra space and room for families to put their picnic essentials in the boot. Its unmatched classy look and spaciousness make it a perfect fit.

Volkswagen Golf


Hyundai has been making quite an impression on specific types of users, making it the most desired among families. Its fantastic sunroof, excellent connectivity, weather control, and other feature give it an edge for those looking for an engine and gearbox combination. Its roomy compact look, great exterior, and high-class performance on the road make it an excellent choice for long drives and picnics. 



Kia Lineup 

Kia is a blend of class, comfort, and performance. It embodies elegance and luxury while providing a sporty look with its raised roof and bottom. With a lot of loading and unloading space at the back, Kia is making waves in the automobile industry with its unique features like Autoplay, intelligent connection, and driving assistance. It is one of the safest options for traveling with your family. 

Kia Picanto



Mazda is well-known in the automobile industry for its wide range of all types of cars ranging from medium to large. The room and comfort they provide are best for long drives on highways with luggage and kids. It is one of the reasonable options among different lineups. A Turbo engine and large wheels provide stability and balance it needs for highways. Who would say no to a classy, compact, and affordable option?




The only hatchback in the Nissan lineup is the Nissan LEAF electric vehicle, the company’s flagship model. This efficient and modern hatchback can make you go for it in one look. The curves, edges, comfortable upholstery, high-tech features, and strong engine are what a car enthusiast looking to save money is looking for. It’s not only light on your pocket, but it also has all you need to take you on weekend picnics with your family for an excellent experience.

Nissan Micra



This blog has provided you with the best options of Hatchbacks 2022 you can have for your weekend expeditions on all types of trails. Book your perfect fit with OneClick Drive and enjoy a fabulous trip with your family!

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