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Why you need Chauffeured Cars in Dubai

Why you need Chauffeured Cars in Dubai

Chauffeur service in the UAE, simply put, means a car with professional driver service. It’s usually offered in a luxury car brand like Mercedes Benz, Lexus, Audi, BMW and so on. It’s not too different from an Uber ou Careem. However, with a pre-booked chauffeur service you can be sure of on-time pick-up, availability and cost well in advance. They work out much cheaper if you’re looking to travel distant places across the Emirates. And, more so, if you have multiple stop-overs and still be enroute your destination.

They’re preferred for group travel in vans like Toyota Previa or Honda Odyssey. Luxury vans such as the Mercedes Benz Vito or Mercedes Benz Sprinter are also available.

Where to find the best deals for chauffeured cars? Here, of course!

OneClickDrive.com works with a number of chauffeur service providers in the UAE region. We have a dedicated deals section offering the best chauffeur service packages available with free pick-up from anywhere in Dubai or the Dubai International Airport. Select on the basis of your preferred car type, model and choose time-based packages suitable to you.

To summarize, there are largely four reasons you should consider a chauffeur-driven car in Dubai:

1. Celebrating a Special Occassion

Planning to party like a rockstar? Have an important occasion coming up: a birthday, wedding or perhaps celebrating new year’s eve. Of course, you wouldn’t want to be the designated driver on the day (or night) of celebration. Let a professional driver take control of the wheel so you can focus on making the event a memorable one.

Got a worthy event coming up? Ask the chauffeur service team to customize your experience with decorations and drinks.

2. Tourists in Dubai

You and your family / friends are visiting Dubai. You’d like to make your trip as comfortable as possible. While driving in Dubai isn’t much of a challenge, the nuances of navigating the roads are quite unique. A reliable driver who is safe on the wheel plus helpful is definitely a good idea. He’ll know how to get to points of interest conveniently ensuring a grander experience.

Planning a trip to Dubai? Here’s a map detailing attractions and landmarks in Dubai to help you plan better.

audi a8 from dubai airport

3. Here on a Business Trip

Maybe you’re a busy man and no matter if you’re traveling in Dubai for pleasure, work catches on and you might be required on the phone / Skype to resolve an issue or two because the world might not function right without you. Speed cams in Dubai are now equipped with cameras that can detect if the driver is talking on the phone and not wearing a seat-belt. Heavy fines are already in place. Besides you travel in a car, no matter a Honda or Mercedes, you do it only to get from point A to point B.

4. You can afford it

You’re an elite who wouldn’t drive anymore, especially in a city like Dubai. You’re here to enjoy the peace and comfort of the back-seat in a luxury sedan perhaps a BMW or a Rolls Royce. Or maybe the inside of a limousine service chauffeured by a professional escort.

No matter the reason, chauffeur services in Dubai are a great way to get around the city. They can be fairly economical too. Get in touch with us for customized packages.

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  1. grace lily

    In advanced booked chauffeur service you can be sure of on-time pick-up, availability and cost well in advance.

    Hire car chauffeur for a pleasant ride

    Be Luxury is the only service provider in Dubai that has skilled chauffeurs at your service. We are dedicated to provide the best chauffeur service in Dubai for our clients making their journey filled with excitement and extravagance. Got picked up in style from anywhere and travel with a chic attitude.

  2. Maria

    Thanks for sharing the benefits. Nowadays, taxi services are in trend and helpful especially when you are travelling to other countries. As the competition is growing in this business, the companies are offering the best services at budget friendly packages. I always book online a taxi usually when i visit Dubai for business meetings and airport transfers service and get the best service at low cost.

  3. Ax Limited

    Great information!! Thanks for sharing this informative content and choose this topic. Keep sharing new information with us.

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