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Why hire Safe Driver Dubai?

Why hire Safe Driver Dubai?

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  • Publication publiée :juillet 14, 2023
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Dubai consistently features among the safest cities in the world and welcomes millions of visitors annually. It secured fifth place, topped by the United Arab Emirates Capital city Abu Dhabi and followed by another UAE city Ajman in a recent report released by Numbeo on the current safety index by City in the world. Numbeo is a global provider of online data on economic, social, and safety areas.

The City has one of the busiest airports in the world, with tourists, business people, and job aspirants landing in the futuristic City that has preserved rich cultural values. The City has a well-planned transport system, clean and smooth roads, and excellent connectivity to make visitors feel at ease during their trips. However, driving on Dubai roads needs the expertise to show compliance with rules and regulations.

The unnecessary problems arising due to traffic congestion sometimes, rash driving, low confidence, tiredness, or unfamiliarity with local laws and routes at times can be avoided by hiring a safe driver to enjoy a hassle-free drive in Dubai experience irrespective of whether you are a tourist, an investor looking for business opportunities or a resident.

Benefits of Hiring Safer Driver Dubai

Drivers not from authorized companies can indulge in unsafe driving to save time and increase the distance to save tolls or increase fares. Hiring an experienced, licensed, and safe driver Dubai from an authorized company for better experience is advisable. Some of the benefits of hiring a safe driver include:

  • Sit back and relax in the car without any fear and reach your destination quickly and safely while enjoying the beauty of Dubai. The experienced driver knows the Dubai roads well and will be aware of any hazards and congestion. The professional driver will take precautions to avoid risks and take a clear route.
  • If you don’t know how to drive or are new to the City, it is better to hire a safer driver Dubai. A professional driver from an authorized company will be in no hurry and avoid accidents to keep you and your family safe.
  • Dubai roads can be complex if you are new to the City or need help understanding the maps. Experienced drivers will ensure the best route, and you can relax or do work while sitting in the car without worrying about the road.
  • Hiring a Driver Service Dubai will keep you in control of things. You can hire the driver hourly, full-day, and monthly at your convenience. Unlike in public transport, you can stop the driver anywhere at the designated stopover and ask to take the route of your choice.
  • You don’t have to worry about fines for erratic driving and breaking parking rules. You can concentrate on your work, trip, and family chores while relaxing in the car.

What OCD has to offer?

So if you are driving to Dubai or within the City for a safe drive synonymous with the Dubai safe slogan, it will be best to hire a driver Dubai who is experienced and professional.

You can book a trustworthy driver service in the UAE through OneClickDrive’s (OCD) exclusive supplier. OCD is the most dependable car rental company in the UAE, so you can sit back and relax in the comfort of your car while a professional driver takes the wheel.

  • We offer personalized driver services to meet your needs.
  • Our drivers are uniformed and approved by RTA.
  • You can book your desired time slot at any location in the UAE, 24/7.
  • Our drivers prioritize your safety and follow health protocols

OCD services

  • Hire a Safe Driver at AED 80/way. A designated driver will ensure that you safely return to your destination in your vehicle.
  • We also offer Monthly Driver-only Servicein Dubai starting at 5500 AED per month.
  • OCD’s exclusive partner offers direct bookings, allowing you to explore every corner of the Emirates at an hourly rate starting at AED 65 per hour.
  • Make event transportationconvenient for you and your guests with the help of a trustworthy driver.
  • OCD has an exclusive partner who can provide a satisfying valet experiencefor your guests.


Safe Driver Dubai service can prevent many issues, including discomfort and accidents. If you’re looking for a reliable chauffeur, consider hiring a professional driving service like OCD. The highly trained and qualified drivers of OCD prioritize your safety and ensure you arrive at your destination without any trouble. Also, renting a safe driver in Dubai has numerous benefits you will want to take advantage of. The booking is available 24X7.

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