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What to Wear on a Desert Safari in Dubai: Your Go-To Guide

What to Wear on a Desert Safari in Dubai: Your Go-To Guide

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Hello there, traveller! Considering a trip to the famous golden dunes of Dubai? Are you wondering what to wear for a desert safari in Dubai?  We’ve got you covered!  A desert safari is more than simply a day trip; it’s an adventure that takes you deep into the desert. Like any journey, choosing the appropriate clothing may make a huge impact.

What NOT to Wear on a Desert Safari

  • Tight Clothing: Picture climbing a dune while wearing extremely tight pants. It’s hardly the best plan, is it? Choose a breathable option.
  • Unprotected Headgear: The sun in the desert is no joke. The best buddy you can have is a hat or scarf.
  • Dark or thick fabrics: These may appear stylish, but the heat of the desert may fry you.
  • Flowy, loose clothing: These are best since you don’t want your favourite scarf to get tangled in a shrub.
  • Impractical Footwear: Refrain from wearing those high heels out of the hotel. Trust us on this. You’ll thank us later!
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Dressing Properly for Your Dubai Desert Safari 

Maintain Your Cool

Whenever deciding what to wear in Dubai desert safari, choose airy materials like cotton or linen.They’re your best bet against the scorching sun. 

Desert Safari Dubai

Chilly Nights

The desert has a funny way of turning cold when the sun goes down. A cosy sweater or jacket will keep you snug. 

Stay Protected

Long sleeves and trousers aren’t just stylish; they’ll protect you from the sun and the occasional desert critter. 

Respect Local Culture

Dubai is modern but rooted in tradition. Knee-length shorts or trousers and modest tops are the way to go. 

Shoes Matter

Closed-toe shoes will keep that pesky sand out and protect your feet. 

Seasonal Tips for Your Desert Adventure

Spring (March to May):

Daytime: When Dubai welcomes the warmth, think lightweight and breathable. Cotton or linen are your best friends. And lighter shades? They’re like your personal sun reflectors. 

Evening:Evenings are still quite lovely, with a hint of a breeze. Maybe carry along a light jacket or a pashmina, just in case.


Summer (June to August):

Daytime: Ah, the Dubai summer! It’s sizzling out there. Loose, light-coloured attire is a must. And if you find fabrics that wick away sweat? Jackpot! Don’t forget your hat, sunnies, and a good sunscreen. 

Evening:  Warm nights ahead! But if you’re chilling indoors, a light wrap or jacket might come in handy.


Autumn (September to November): 

Daytime: The scorching days start to mellow down. Stick to airy fabrics, but feel free to play around with sleeve lengths. 

Evening: As autumn deepens, evenings get a tad cooler. A snug jacket or cardigan is a smart choice.


Winter (December to February):

Daytime: Winter here is like a gentle hug. Layer up a bit – maybe a tee with a sweater on top. – 

Evening: It can get a bit nippy, especially if you’re out in the open desert. A cozy jacket, a scarf, and even a beanie could be great additions.

A little heart-to-heart, Dubai is a beautiful blend of modern and traditional. So, no matter the season, dressing modestly is key. Especially when you’re exploring traditional spots, it’s good to cover up those shoulders and knees. 

Dressing for Desert Activities

Dune Bashing: It’s as thrilling as it sounds. Wear something practical and avoid flowy outfits.

Desert Safari Dubai

Quad Biking: Tie up that hair and gear up in sporty attire.
Sandboard: Think snowboarding but warmer. Closed-toe shoes are a must.
Camel Riding: It’s like riding a horse, but… lumpier. Comfort is key.

Desert Safari Dubai


BBQ Dinner & Entertainment: You’ll be seated on rugs, so think comfort. After a day of activities, relaxing in sandals or flip-flops feels heavenly.

Outfit Ideas for Your Desert Day Out:

For the Men: How about khaki linen shirts paired with comfy trousers? Throw in a waist bag and sturdy boots, and you’re all set. 

For the Ladies: Wide-leg culottes with a modest beige top sound chic yet comfy. Add a birch bag, a snazzy leather belt, and white flip-flops, and you’re ready to rock the desert. 

Footwear Tips

Protective footwear should be your first priority when choosing shoes for your desert adventure. You’ll realise why closed-toe shoes are so important once you’re out there, so make sure you wear them. 

If you have a pair of desert boots, this is the perfect opportunity to show them off as they are created specifically for this type of terrain. However, don’t worry if you don’t have desert boots in your closet. You can navigate the sandy portions just as effectively with sandals that have decent traction or even lightweight hiking shoes.

Accessories Your Desert Look

There are a few key considerations to keep in mind while accessorizing for your desert excursion. Sunglasses are a good place to start. A sand-proof bag is a great investment if you want to keep your electronics protected. Remember the power of a decent hat as well; the larger, the better for protecting you from the sun.

 If you enjoy viewing wildlife, binoculars will be useful for those unanticipated “I spy a camel” moments. 

Furthermore, sunburn is not the type of memento you want to bring home, so always bring sunscreen. Don’t forget to take some deodorants and wipes so that you may stay fresh during your travels. 

Additionally, a roomy rucksack with a waist pouch for goods you need to grab quickly is great for carrying all of your necessities.

Traditional Desert Attire in Dubai

For the Men: The elegant Kandurah, Gutra, Shemagh, Agal, and Bisht. 

For the Women: The graceful Abaya, Sheila, Jalaabiya, and Burqa.

Desert Safari Dubai


Final Words of Wisdom:  

To conclude, It takes careful planning to navigate the peculiar environment of the desert. It is advisable to prepare an extra layer for warmth because the high midday heat gives way to unexpectedly cold evenings. Closed-toe shoes are extremely advised for navigating the sandy terrains since they provide both protection and comfort. While wearing jeans may seem like a no-brainer, you may discover that knee-length shorts or light-weight pants work better in the desert climate. 

There you have it! Your ultimate guide on what to wear desert safari Dubai. Now, go out there and make some sandy memories! 

Safe travels!

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