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We’ve got all the cars Dubai’s got. On Rent.

We’ve got all the cars Dubai’s got. On Rent.

Dubai is one of the swankiest and best-looking cities in the world, home to a number of famous landmarks (growing by the month) and regarded by many as the economic center of the United Arab Emirates. As any traveler will know, getting around in this bustling city can quickly becomes stressful, especially when working with time constraints. Renting a car is perhaps one of your best options to get around at your own speed and pace.
But who do you choose to rent a car from in a place you have never been before? Don’t count on the kiosks you find at the Dubai International Airport or Al Maktoum International Airport, you’ll never be able to get a good deal from them. Considering the charges they pay to operate at the airport itself, the cost is passed onto the customer. It’s justified.

That’s where OneClickDrive’s search for car rental services in Dubai comes in: we connect you to the best prices and deals offered by independent car rental shops spread across the city of Dubai. No matter what type of car you are in the mood to drive, we probably have them listed on our website or on our dedicated email service to find you exactly the car you want.

We have them all! Even if you don’t find the car you want on our website, know that it is available through one of our partner auto rental companies who offer exotic sports cars and supercars maintained in exquisite condition.
So maybe you want to be driven around in a sweet car that suits your personality. An experience that’s not just memorable just offers the ultimate feeling you want to live in the moment. Dubai’s got it all and we’ve got every car you want in Dubai.
Taking up a notch, spacious cars that can accommodate your entire entourage on your way to the next hip club in Dubai. Or wait were you heading to the beach? It’s okay if you change your mind because our suppliers have high-end professional chauffeurs who can help you with your every need in Dubai.
So you’re looking to rent low-budget or medium-range cars in an emirate of the UAE? Step right up. We’ve got some of the most competitive priced cars available for hire on day, week and month-basis. Most of our suppliers offer free delivery for monthly deals.
So one of our main services is to connect individuals and businesses with long-term rental companies that provide the service and quality that are fit for a demigod. The rates they offer are of course the best in all of the UAE including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Fujairah and so on.
Call us on +971-52-616-0868 for personalized support.

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  1. PartsLand

    Amazing Post ! Thanks For Sharing such a superb post 🙂

  2. Amna

    I have rented the car from United Car Rental multiple times over the last one year. Service has been great. However recently, I was extremely disappointed at the level of customer care that the company has provided me. I am agitated at the way their staff have dealt with me and my problem.
    I rented a car over the weekend for 1 day with delivery and pickup. When returning the car, I requested the company to get the car collected a bit later – I had to drop by noon but they agreed for 2pm, although the terms and conditions that I signed said 30mins. I appreciated this relationship gesture. I was out of town and returning back to Dubai, so I called them and informed them that I will need more time. The rider came to pick up the car around 3pm. I was stuck in traffic so I called the rider to check if its all right to come by 4pm. He agreed.
    The next day, company charged me one day extra. This is fine as the “terms” I signed only said 30mins. I called the office to explain the issue and requested that at least they should’ve informed me so that I could keep the car for one extra day rather than rushing through traffic. I also told them about the verbal agreements, which they disagreed with beyond 2 hours.
    My problem is not the extra charge. My problem is as follows:
    – The person (relatively senior) was extremely rude on the phone and told me if I wish to discontinue the rentals from UCR, that’s my decision and it doesn’t matter.
    – The rider agreeing and company not informing me that I can keep the car for one extra day
    – Repetition of the terms I signed – complete disregard of the verbal agreements.
    I work in a service industry, and I know the value of customer service. I know that we do not celebrate when we lose a customer, but the individual I spoke to was particularly ecstatic about it.

    1. OneClickDrive

      Hi Amna,

      Sorry to hear about your displeasure. Poor service such as this gives the entire industry a bad name. And, honestly, we’ve heard many such cases.

      As consumers, it’s important to remember to go with the most recommended car rental service provider rather than the cheapest. And the best resource is Google Reviews.

  3. dubailimoservices

    When you rent a auto service port for transporting your guests, it naturally makes them feel necessary.

  4. shaikh

    In travel industry service should be always on the Top. renting a car very easy with OneClickDrive compare to others rental company in Dubai cheap and affordable same as in India there is “Travelocar Best Pan India Car rental Service”

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