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Valet Parking: An Effective Tool For Your Business Growth
Valet Parking Service in Dubai

Valet Parking: An Effective Tool For Your Business Growth

Here is how an efficient valet parking service plays a positive role in the growth of your business 

The growth of businesses in the hospitality industry is largely dependent on customer experience. A satisfied customer grows loyal to the business over time and recommends the business to people around him. One of the most efficient ways of ensuring a pleasing customer experience is by making the first and last points of contact between the customer and the business favourable. A professional valet parking service does exactly that.

Valet Parking Services Dubai

 Valets are trained professionals that assist customers with parking their cars. Well versed with driving laws and regulations, vales also have experience in driving and parking a variety of cars with both manual and automatic transmission. The wide range of cars include compact cars to full size SUVs and hybrid electric engines. Valets are usually bilingual with fluency in English and are certified and registered with the RTA (Road and Traffic Authority). In addition to training with driving and parking vehicles, valets are trained to be highly presentable and professional. 


A professional Valet should posses the following qualities : 


  • Tact and Diplomacy 


The ability to know when to say something and when not to is considered to be tact. It also involves the right way to convey what you’re saying without coming off as rude, offensive or ignorant. Diplomacy is the skill of applying tact effectively.


Tact and Diplomacy ensure smooth communication between the Valet and the Customer. 


  • Discretion 


Customers are often likely to say or do something out of the ordinary. Discretion is overlooking those situations and not conveying them to the event or the business. 


Discretion allows the valet parking service to seem trustworthy and favourable to the customer. 


  • Etiquette and good manners 


Etiquette and Good manners involve the knowledge of different forms of addresses to be used when talking to dignitaries, show of respect and demonstration of politeness among other acts of professionalism. 


Valets with Etiquette and good manners leave a positive, long lasting impression on the customers. 


A Valet Parking service is mainly offered by business in the hospitality industry. In contrast to self-parking where the customer finds a parking space of their own, the valet service has an attendant park their cars for them. Later, when the customers wish to leave, their car is brought to them by the valet. This service allows a hassle-free parking experience for the customers with an assurity of safety and security of their cars.  

Valet Parking Services Dubai

An efficient valet parking system has the following advantages :


  1. Convenient parking for customers
  2. Safety and Security of cars
  3. Symbolizes wealth and status of the establishment 
  4. Regulated parking which avoids congestion of traffic flow
  5. Highly time-efficient for customers 


These factors work together in making customer experience smooth and positive. An efficient Valet parking system leaves a long lasting impression of the business and makes it a favourable first choice for the customers. So if you’re a business seeking to grow or simply become more efficient in satisfying customers, hire a valet parking service right away! 

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