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Top 7 Things to Keep in Mind for Renting a Car in Dubai UAE

Top 7 Things to Keep in Mind for Renting a Car in Dubai UAE

Dubai is full of amazing attractions that a person would never want to miss. However, since most of them are spread across the length and breadth of the emirate, a car is essential. It will ease your travel woes and widen your reach.

Car rental in Dubai is the most convenient way for the traveler who needs a good vehicle to get around Dubai.  To rent a car in Dubai for your holiday travel makes sense for the entire family. It saves a lot of money that you’d otherwise spend on taxi fares, not to mention the extended wait times. Opting for public transportation which are at times overcrowded is definitely not recommended.

There are many companies in Dubai that offer a hassle-free car renting service. Here are the top 9 car rental tips to keep in mind for car rental in Dubai.

1.  One should do proper research before spending his/her hard-earned money on car Rental Company.  You can browse and compare car rental offers from multiple companies in order to find the perfect car within your budget. To be doubly safe, check out the web reviews of the individual companies beforehand. Ask friends, colleagues and other before making a booking.

2. To legally drive in Dubai, a person must meet all the legal requirements which are applicable to the driver and the rented vehicle. To rent a car in Dubai, a person needs a valid driving license, passport copy, a copy of the visit visa and an international driving license if a person is on a visit visa. As per the Dubai RTA, the legal driving age is 18 but if a person wants to rent a car then he/she must be at least 21 years old or above with a valid UAE driving license or international driving license with home country driving license. Visitors from the GCC, US, UK, Canada, Europe and certain other countries can drive with their home country driving license, without the need of an IDP.

3. A person should consider all his/her needs before renting a car. One can focus on things like total number of people, purpose, budget, and duration, while renting a car. One can even drive top-notch, luxury cars as well as SUVs in Dubai. If you take your environment responsibilities seriously, you can even hire electric cars. To each its own.

4. A person should properly inspect a rental car for scratches, dents, or any other damage. And make sure that it gets marked on the rental car contract. One should even take a picture of any dents or scratches before he/she hops into a rental car and drive off in the Dubai winds.

5. There are many companies that offer unlimited mileage but some companies have a mileage cap. Each additional mile is chargeable. So, one should thoroughly read the contract and check for the mileage limitation imposed by the rental company. And according to that decide what can work best.

6. One should always remember that the bigger the car size, more its fuel consumption. The size of the car can really impact your total price above the rental price. So, before signing a contract, it’s best to check for alternate car models offered by a company. Try to get an idea of the car fuel efficiency by researching online as well.

7. Lastly, it is extremely important to cross-check the policies of the rent a car service provider. Ensure that whether they charge by days or by the kilometers a person drove. So, if a person goes in prepared then he/she can enjoy the convenience of having a rental car without paying unexpected charges.

It is also wise to check their fuel policy when opting to rent a car in Dubai. Most of the companies offer three types of fuel policies – Full-to-Full, Full-to-Empty, and Empty-to-Empty. It is always good to select the full-to-full policy. Because when a person attempts to drop off the car with an empty tank, it can run the risk of totally running out of fuel before reaching the drop-off location.


If you are still confused about how to go about renting a car in Dubai, please feel to contact the OneClickDrive Team and we’ll connect you to our most recommended suppliers. The best car rental tip, however, is to do proper research and ask plenty of questions before renting a car. It’ll ensure that you have an amazing experience.

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