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Top 5 Requirements to Rent a Ferrari in Dubai

Top 5 Requirements to Rent a Ferrari in Dubai

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  • Publication publiée :novembre 15, 2023
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Driving a Ferrari in the streets of Dubai is a dream of many tourists and residents of the UAE. You can easily make your rent Ferrari Dubai dream come true with a registered car rental service provider in Dubai. Here, in this blog post, we are going to see the most crucial requirements to rent a Ferrari in Dubai. 

Valid Driver License 

A lot of people overlook this but you really need a driver’s license to rent a car. Not just any license either, it needs to be from your home country or an international permit. You can forget about getting a Ferrari if you don’t have one or the other — Dubai rental companies are very strict about it. You might also need to be of a certain age, so before trying to get the car, make sure you meet the requirements.

Age Requirements

Luxury car rental places in Dubai are strict when it comes to age restrictions. If you want to rent a supercar like a Ferrari, you’re going to have to be at least 25 years old. Although some will let you rent one if you’re younger, they’ll likely raise the price or tack on more insurance charges. Make sure to double-check the age requirements wherever you choose so your dreams aren’t crushed as soon as you arrive.

Security Deposit

If you’re going to rent a Ferrari in Dubai, make sure you know how deep your pockets are. They require quite a bit for deposit. The amount depends on the model and policy of the rental agency, but it’s substantial regardless. This is held as a guarantee in case anything happens during your time with it. It’s best to have that money waiting on your credit card when you arrive because cash deposits aren’t usually accepted. Also, investigate their refund policies so you don’t feel like you were run for cash.

Insurance Coverage

Before you hop into your rented Ferrari, understand the insurance provided by the rental agency. Typically, basic insurance is covered in the rental price, but if you get into a crash, there’s a huge deductible. Rental agencies also offer additional options like Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and Theft Protection to lower your financial responsibility if anything happens. Review these choices carefully and pick the one that works best for you and your budget.

Driving Experience and Responsibility

Renting a Ferrari is a thrill, but it comes at a cost. You’re expected to treat the vehicle like royalty and follow all traffic laws. Breaking them could get you some very heavy fines or even your rental agreement terminated. Be responsible and respect the power of what you’re driving.


There is no doubt that renting a Ferrari can be the best option if you are looking to enjoy luxury in the streets of Dubai. Luxury car rental in Dubai helps you to enjoy these types of luxuries within economical plans. Just make sure that you reach out to the registered and top car rental services in Dubai.

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