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Top 5 Luxury Cars in Dubai To Be Driven In

Top 5 Luxury Cars in Dubai To Be Driven In

It’s no secret that driving in Dubai can be hectic. The smooth, big roads might provide a good ride, free of bumps and potholes, but this doesn’t take away the stress of driving on a busy 14 lane highway with cars on either side of you, and exits that are incredibly easy to miss if you’re not paying attention. This is why sometimes it’s easier to be driven around in luxury cars in Dubai by a professional driver. 

With the current situation in mind, many people aren’t completely confident with the idea of using taxis and public transportation again, which is why oneclickdrive.com offers a chauffeur service with some incredibly luxurious cars and safe, covid-tested drivers. With this in mind, here are 5 incredibly comfortable cars where you can enjoy the ride instead of the drive. 

Rolls Royce Ghost: Top Dog


Rolls royce Ghost Seats

It’s no secret that Rolls Royce is one of the most exquisite brands in motoring history. With plush leather and wood covering each and every corner of every car’s interior, and elegant yet daring “suicide doors” for the rear doors of the ghost, this car simply screams luxury.

The four corner air suspension setup swallows almost every bump or pothole you may encounter, giving you a smooth, velvety ride. With sublime rear seat room, plush, comfortable materials all around you, and a stunning starlight feature on the headliner, this car cocoons you in luxury cars in Dubai. If you’re looking to be driven around in king-size comfort and style, this is the car to be in.


Mercedes S Class: Understated Class and Comfort

The Mercedes S-Class is a model that has been around for almost 50 years. It’s become the staple of luxury cars in Dubai from a passenger’s perspective. With an unbelievably long wheelbase, and high-end materials on the interior, this car is fit for royalty.

The interior LED lighting can be adjusted to whatever colour you desire, the air suspension is so smooth you might as well be driving on butter, and to top it all off the noise reduction in the car provides pin-drop silence when you need it, as you can barely hear any road, wind, or tire noise. If it’s silence, comfort and relaxation wrapped in a sleek design and ample technology, then look no further than the Mercedes S Class



BMW 7- Series: The epitome of luxury cars in Dubai


The BMW 7-Series is the direct competitor to the S-Class. They differ in 1 main aspect. Where the S-Class focuses more on sound cancelling and isolation, the BMW focuses on features, technology and entertainment. This isn’t to say that the BMW isn’t quiet, as you’ll find yourself more than with the smoothness and silence of its ride.

The BMW just focuses more on immersing yourself in technology to prevent boredom on long journeys. The 16 speaker sound system,  front and rear massaging seats, and 4 zone climate control allow you to control nearly every aspect of your journey.

Furthermore the adjustable suspension has 6 different modes, so you can have the smoothest possible ride, or if you don’t like a lot of motion and body-roll during turns, you can have the suspension stiffened as well. If it’s technology and entertainment you seek on a ride, then go ahead and check out the BMW 7 series with oneclickdrive.com in the chauffeur service. 


BMW 7 - Luxury Cars in Dubai


GMC Yukon XL: Extra Large Indeed

Deviating from sedans, the GMC Yukon XL is similar in terms of legroom and comfort to the previous cars on this list. Where it shines, is with regards to storage. While the GMC brand isn’t recognized as one of the luxury cars in Dubai, it surely surpasses even the top executive cars.

Being a large SUV, it provides a lot of space, especially being an “XL” Yukon, the space is incredible. Furthermore, it allows you to transport your whole family if needed with seating for 8 people (including the driver), so if you’re traveling with your family, and a lot of luggage, and you need more than 5 seats, then this car will do the job with ease. 


Executive leather seating



Nissan Patrol: The Local Legend

Another SUV to look at is the Nissan Patrol. This is one of the most popular cars in the UAE. Anywhere you go, you’ll see at least one of these cars on the road at any given time. This is because they were designed to combat the heat and are sold exclusively in the GCC. Not only this, but if there’s anywhere you need to go, the Nissan patrol will get you there without breaking down. These cars are reliable, comfortable and built for this environment.

They have a smooth ride, with large seats that provide great support. There’s also seating for 7 (including the driver), and plenty of storage and cargo room. If you’re looking for a car that will fit in at a 5 star hotel, or outside a karak chai stall in satwa, then the Nissan Patrol is the perfect car for you to be driven in. 


Leather seats among luxury cars in Dubai


These are some of the best cars to be a passenger in, in the UAE. Using oneclickdrive.com, you can hire a driver with a car for the number of days, or hours you require with guaranteed safety and quality. If you’re still keen about taking control of the wheel, check out our suggested 5 sports cars for a fun weekend and the top 5 luxury SUVs in Dubai.


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