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If Dubai has recently caught your attention for your next vacation trip, you are hardly to blame. Although, if it’s your very first time visiting the city, you have to be aware of a few things when you are travelling. The fast-growing city hardly has traces of the old, arid land, which barely appealed to anybody. With its developed roadways now, just check out the car rentals in Dubai and drive around the city as you please. 

  1. Make your plans between October and April: Do not try to take on a challenge and settle down for the comfort. Dubai only has hotter months, therefore going anytime near the hot or summer months might leave you with flaky skin like never before. Although, between October and April is the best time to sunbathe yourself at the beach with the bright, sunny weather. Hence, get your own rented luxury car and drive down to one of the many beaches across the emirates for an amazing day. 
  2. Look at flight tickets six months in advance: Saving a little along the way is always wiser. Six months prior is the peak time to check out for cheaper tickets, where you might score an amazing deal. Instead of waiting in queues for public transportation, book your rented car atleast a couple of months in advance as well, so you can get sorted right from the airport itself. 
  3. Booking of hotels: Dubai has grown into a big and popular tourist attraction over the last few years. Needless to say, the hotels are on high demand as well, especially between the suggested months. You are advised to book your rooms some months in advance, to avoid being caught in a pickle later. Similarly, if you want to score some amazing deals on a rental car service, you can book a rental car online through websites in advance as well. 
  4. Dress Modestly: Dubai is a blend of traditional with the modern. While the city has had fast reaching developments, people are somewhat conservative about attire. If you do not want to catch unnecessary attention, cover up more to avoid the eyes as well as the sun, and say no to anything too revealing or flashy. Of course, hiring a car in Dubai makes much of your trip favourable, as you do not have to travel next to strangers and can drive in the comfort of your own car. 
  5. Giving an address to taxi drivers: Your local cab drivers might not be as well acquainted with the various streets as you might think. Hence, giving them a mere address without major landmarks might not work at all. To avoid all this hassle, you can either go for a rented car with GPS navigation or, you may also opt for a rented car with the chauffeur who is known for their skilled navigation around the city. Quite a few rental cars even come with  
  6. Consumption of alcohol: Dubai is full of amazing bars, lounges, 5-star hotels and nightclubs across the city. While alcohol is legal, public drunkenness, as well as drinking and driving, is absolutely prohibited. It has a strict zero tolerance policy when it comes to drunk driving. Instead of climbing half tipsy to any stranger’s cab, entrust yourself with a well-reputed driver from our chauffeur service company. 

From the Burj Khalifa to the various museums and beaches and steal deals in the mall with well-known brands, there are a lot of things to explore around Dubai. Known for its luxurious lifestyle, you should also get into the mood and spend freely on yourself occasionally. To make the best of your time and money, rent a car for business or travel and go anywhere in the city whenever you like. 

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