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Telephone Script for your Car Rental Business
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Telephone Script for your Car Rental Business

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We’ve enabled a handful number of small and large car rental companies across Dubai to market their products online – as they should be. We got to work closely with small-scale agencies nestled in the busy lanes of Deira to international players. We took feedback, understood what our clients expected of us and gradually rolled out sensible updates. While doing so, we’ve come to understand how rental car companies in the region conduct their business.

Recently, we collated feedback from your customers or would-be customers. We asked them various questions starting from the kind of cars they generally prefer to hire to the kind of service they were offered and more. A critical point that coincided in every other feedback was that the communication they received was inconsistent: many a times, the staff did not know answers to our questions and had to check with someone else at their office.

In order to prepare a constructive response, we dived deep into the matter. We tracked calls and analysed patterns in customer queries based on the opening line and quality of replies of the RAC tele-agent. Let’s call him, “Rackesh”. Now Rackesh is good at sales but when it comes to talking to a customer at the other end of the phone, he has a hard time. His sales skills might be great but when it comes to cracking sales over the phone with a stranger, it’s rather difficult.

Hence in an effort to speed up the car rental enquiry (and/or sales) process at your end, we have a prepared a handy telephone script for your company’s Rackesh.


Rackesh: Thank you for calling Drifty Car Rentals, how may I help you?

Customer: Hi, I want to rent a car.

Rackesh: Sir, before I take your booking may I know where you found our contact number?

Customer: Through this beautiful website: OneClickDrive.com

It should be clear now if the customer is comfortable to communicate in English or not based on his responses. If he isn’t, the following reply should be made based on the people available at your RAC.

Rackesh: Sir, shall we speak in Arabic / Urdu / Hindi / Russian?

Switch to the respective language based on the customer’s response or preferred language.

Rackesh: Thank you, sir. So what type of car are you looking to rent?

Customer: Any cheap sedan will do. You have Nissan Sunny?

Rackesh: We don’t have a Nissan Sunny at the moment, sir. But could I interest you in a  Hyundai Accent. It’s more spacious and has a more powerful engine. And we have the latest 2015 model.

Customer: Sure, if the cost is the same.

Rackesh: Umm… it’s only a 100 dirhams more if you look it for a month, sir. And it’s definitely worth it. Almost forgot, security deposit will be 1000 dirhams by cash or credit card.

Customer: Oh, I don’t need it for a month.

Rackesh: How long do you want to rent for, sir?

Customer: For 20 days from tomorrow. I read on your website that you provide Free Delivery.

Rackesh: Sir, I’d recommend you rent for a month then. It’s only 1500 dirhams for the Hyundai Accent 2015 model. We provide free delivery only for monthly rentals (for which we charge 50 dirhams additional). 20 days will cost you 1300 dirhams.

Customer: Oh, well okay. So I can keep it till next month 10th April?

Rackesh: That’s right, if you rent from tomorrow onwards.

Customer: Alright, great. Let’s do it.

Of course, it’s rarely this easy-going… Rackesh probably isn’t receiving too many calls of this nature too often. But the point of this script is to consistently respond in a professional and courteous tone to your customers. We’ll be cover another script of a more intense nature in Car Rental Telephone Diaries: Episode 2.

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