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Simple Tips To Make Your Rental Car Fuel-efficient | OneClickDrive Car Rental

Simple Tips To Make Your Rental Car Fuel-efficient | OneClickDrive Car Rental

The rising cost of fuel has been a problem for everyone, regardless of whether you own a car or have a rental car. However, a few simple fuel-efficient tips will help you save.

Fuel-efficiency Tips to Save More On Your Rental Cars

With the rising fuel prices, managing the overall transportation costs has become difficult. Whether you own a car or have opted for a cheap car rental Dubai service, the soaring fuel rates have been a concern for all. Although you can control your spending on fuel by choosing vehicles with better mileage, this would have a bare minimum impact on the fuel consumption. So, here are some simple yet effective tips to make your vehicle fuel-efficient:

Have A Smooth Driving Style

To effortlessly alter your speed, acceleration, and braking, be mindful of the road and consider potential road situations. Quick acceleration and hard braking are all counted as aggressive driving that can dramatically reduce your fuel economy. Maintain a consistent pace, gradually accelerate, brake gently, and stay in one lane whenever possible. These anticipatory driving strategies not only help you drive more safely and comfortably, but they can also increase the lifespan of the vital car components.

Put It On Cruise Control

On long highway sections, using the cruise control feature will help you keep your speed and save fuel. By turning on your cruise control, you can prevent accelerating and keep a consistent speed. Also, the cruise control can be set to the extreme fuel-efficient speed as per the vehicle specifications, which is also above the legal limit.

Be Mindful of the AC Usage

While blasting the air conditioning in your automobile can be entertaining, it can take a heavy toll on fuel consumption. In the summer, air conditioning keeps you cool, but turning it on full blast uses more energy than usual. When traveling for a long time when the weather is nice, it is advisable to forgo using the air conditioner.

Tips To Make Your Rental Car Fuel-efficient

Proper Maintenance 

Whether you have opted for short-term or monthly car rental Dubai, maintaining it efficiently at regular intervals is essential. It’s crucial to quickly adjust the oil and thoroughly inspect the engine. Professional servicing of the car engine and the overall vehicle will ensure it functions efficiently for a long period. Use premium quality car oil to keep the internal components in good condition.

Fill It Up Full

Whether you are on a weekend trip or commuting to your workplace, having a smooth and uninterrupted drive is important. As having a sufficient fuel level is a prerequisite, this can also benefit you in saving fuel. It is advised to fill up the vehicle tank and not drive with a low tank. You’ll get more miles per liter and be able to go farther between fill-ups. Although this may not bring a major groundbreaking difference, it has been proved to enhance the overall driving experience and fuel efficiency.

Keep The Engine Off

Your car burns more fuel than it would if the engine were off, whether you pull over to the side for a quick call or are snarled in traffic for hours. As a result, we advise switching off your engine, particularly if it has been operating for a while. It’s beneficial to remember that shutting down the engine also disables other components, such as the airbags. This scenario should only be used if there is zero chance of an accident.

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