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Safety Measures To Avoid Rental Car Thefts | OneClickDrive Car Rental

Safety Measures To Avoid Rental Car Thefts | OneClickDrive Car Rental

Driving a rental car on the fast-paced roads in Dubai is a common dream. However, keeping the vehicle safe from thefts to avoid any unwanted expenses is essential. Here are few safety tips to protect your rental cars in the UAE.

Simple Tips To Save Your Rental Car From Theft

Dubai is a dynamic city that provides extensive opportunities to everyone, including residents as well as tourists. A wide range of car hire services is available in the UAE from professional car rental companies. For the easy and hassle-free commute, tourists can even get SUV for rent in Dubai with minimal documentation and at budget rental rates. Vehicle thefts, common in tourist areas, can be a serious problem especially if you have a rented vehicle. However, most reliable rental cars usually come with insurance coverage. Hence, when you rent a car for a short or long term, ensure that you go through the complete company policies and insurance coverage details to know what to do in case of a theft. Perhaps, let’s discuss how to avoid the theft of rental cars in the first place.

Choose a Safe Spot to Park

Utmost care is essential to ensure your vehicle is safe in the parking lot. Locate the verified and monitored parking areas in your locality where your vehicle can be kept safely for long period. Parking vehicles unattended in remote regions should be strictly avoided. Never leave expensive valuables in the car to avoid attracting attention to your car.

Install Reliable Car Tracker

Before hiring a car in Dubai, installing a functional vehicle tracker might be a good idea. Even though a hefty expense, this device will help track your car at all times using a variety of technologies. So, either you can request your rental car service provider to install one or buy it from a reliable supplier.

Safety Measures To Avoid Rental Car Thefts

Ensure You Lock it When You Leave

Be careful about always locking the doors, windows, and sunroof before you leave the vehicle in any parking spot or open space. During the hot summers, it will be tempting to leave the car windows open for a while to avoid overheating the interiors, it’s preferable to put up with a hot car for a while then the mess left by a broken-in vehicle. Ensure all the front and rear doors are locked tight to avoid any loopholes.

Speak To Your Rental Company

As the rental car policies differ from one company to another, it is always advisable to be well-informed about their insurance policy rules. When you sign the rental contract before hiring a car on a short and long-term basis, all the details right from return policy to insurance coverage will be mentioned in it. Ask your rental company to provide a brief on the insurance coverage beforehand.

What If The Rental Car Gets Stolen?

In case of an unfortunate car theft incident, you should first have the incident reported. Secondly, keep copies of all the car booking receipts, and other necessary documentation at hand to provide to the investigators during inquiries. A proper record of every detail and bit of information will help in the investigation. Your assistance is both highly advised and necessary for the police to discover the rental car as a stolen item.

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