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OneClickDrive Makes it Easier to Rent a Car in the UAE

OneClickDrive Makes it Easier to Rent a Car in the UAE

December 13, 2016 – OneClickDrive is currently offering people all around Dubai with solutions for finding all sorts of great rental cars in Dubai with Driver. The website has a system where people can quickly find rental cars from a variety of service providers around the city.

The user can get online and search for a car based on the make and model one wants. The user can also select from one of many different types of cars including sedans, limos, and suv`s.

The site especially focuses on sports cars and SUVs. These include many high-end choices available for all to look forward to using.

Details on each car available are clearly listed on the site. These include points on rental cost, allowed mileage, car features, security deposit and much more. This information is provided to help people figure out more about what they are looking for when renting a great vehicle.

The website is associated with more than 35 different car rental companies. The site serves people in Dubai and has now announced to work in other emirates including Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah and Sharjah among others.  The site has launched in many of these emirates and will expand to many other emirates in the future as well as neighboring countries.

With a large amount of business in Dubai and other parts of UAE for car rentals, OneClickDrive felt that it was only logical to expand its services to all parts of the country. This is especially to help those coming into the area for business purposes.

Monthly Car Rental in Dubai

The site has been marketing itself to residents and tourists in the area in recent time. Users can even contact the site and get a call back from a rental company at different times based on their needs or demands. This direct form of communication makes it easier for people to get information and to find details on all sorts of items that are available for one’s rental needs. In fact, OneClickDrive has been able to expand its selection of rental companies and vehicle options for all kinds of requirements.

The site even has a feature where people can search for cars to lease. They can enter details on what they are looking for and then their contact information. A proper representative will then get back to the client with information on different cars that may be available for leasing.

A dashboard is also included to help customers find information on key metrics that help them figure out which cars are in demand and which aren’t as popular. This helps people to plan their car rental needs for the future. The dashboard is especially useful for mobile users as it helps people to figure out what cars are available as quickly as possible.

OneClickDrive is fully free for all people to use. The site does not charge anything and does not mark up the rates on anything it has to offer. The site even offers information on monthly and daily rentals alike, thus making it easier for people to get more out of the rentals they are looking for.

The site is also regularly updated with details from all the major car rental companies in the area. These include all sorts of organizations that are highly reputable and have been serving people for years. The selection is available for people to search through at any time of day and is particularly useful for all those looking for the most out of their rental cars.

A representative for OneClickDrive has also been on recording stating that the site has been collecting data on market trends. These include details on what people are looking for in rental cars and what they are interested in the most. This is to help them with finding great vehicles that they can easily use.

About the Company: OneClickDrive is a website that offers details on different rental cars for people to look for in Dubai and soon in all of the UAE. The site lists dozens of different car rental companies in the area along with the cars available for hire.

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Country: United Arab Emirates
Website: www.oneclickdrive.com

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