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Nissan Patrol- The Best SUV for your Desert Safari Day

Nissan Patrol- The Best SUV for your Desert Safari Day

Dubai is an adventurous city with exciting activities for tourists and locals worldwide. One of the top tourist attractions is the very famous Dubai Desert Safari. Your Safari Day requires a perfect SUV, Jeeps, Hummers, Land Rover, and Land cruisers. These cars are built with raised bases and large, tough tires for sandy and rocky trails. 

Are you planning to visit Dubai Desert Safari, the Crown of Arabian Desert? You can’t simply drive around the Desert with your luxury sports car. For the desert cruise, you need an SUV or jeep. Car rentals have an extensive range of SUVs for rent in Dubai. 


The Best Nissan Patrol- SUV for rent in Dubai

Nissan Patrol is a dune bashing machine that is best for your desert expedition. It competes with well-known brands regarding rage, speed, compatibility, and performance. It’s the best and ideal choice for bedouins who have a little obsession with sand drifting. 

Do you want to know why the ultimate and most desirable Nissan Patrol for Deserts? Let’s explore the reasons. 

Powerful Engine

Its powerful 5.6L V8 engine has the durability and flexibility for better performance on roads or off-roads. The mighty machines allow the driver to handle challenging sandy terrains. 

Variable Modes

The variable 4×4 modes for snow, hill, rock, and on-road will make it compatible with all types of trails. It will assist you in driving through different terrains at a thrilling speed without difficulty or hindrance. These modes are what you need to keep your car composed and secure to save from fatal accidents. 

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Hill-start and Hill Decent Control

This dune bashing machine can be easily controlled while on hills to save it from skidding off. Hill-start mode will keep the speed controlled and help you go up while perfectly stabilizing the vehicle holding the passengers, and driving safe and in control. In the same way, decent power will save you from falling off the hill and assist with sloppy hills. 

Computer Assisted Braking

The innovative high-tech feature in this beast will provide you with computerized assisted braking minimizing the chances of accidents on sandy terrains. Sandy terrains are hard to handle due to the slippery sand and scorching heat, which might damage your tires. This computer-assisted braking will help against the sudden tire burst. 

Bottom Line

The ultra-tech features mentioned above validate that Nissan Patrol is a perfect fit and has bagged the title of ‘dune bashing machine’ not just by words but by performance. So, if you are planning for Desert Safari day already, rent SUV in Dubai in three minutes with the easiest payment method and affordable rate from OneclickDrive.

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