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Luxury Rental Car Dubai: Are you getting the best deal?

When you’re looking for a premium luxury or sports car to rent, price might not be much of a concern at first. Maybe cost is the last of your worries. You might have even set a good budget to drive that Ferrari or Cadillac during your holiday in Dubai and found a many vendors to rent it from within the budgeted amount.

Or maybe you did care about the cost and successfully negotiated on the car rental price. But did you take into account the additional costs that might creep up in the final invoice by the time you return that supercar you so ecstatically jumped into and zoomed off without a bother.

If not, your trip to Dubai might suddenly turn sour and you will feel cheated perhaps even guilty – mostly because you didn’t pay heed to important factors when you were supposed to.

It is advisable, essential even that you crack a great deal with the luxury car rental companies where you’ve found the car of your desires. Many agencies are open to negotiation when it comes to the terms we will speak about below. All you need to do is sound like you know you’re talking about when you exchange your first dialogue with the luxury car hire agency’s staff as you enquire, whether on the phone or in person.

Ask what the rental price includes:

  • Does the rental price include delivery and pick-up service? If additional, how much will it cost you for delivery to the airport?
  • Is insurance cost, generally CDW (collision damage waiver) insurance, covered in the rental price?
  • What is the mileage limitation? Usually the first 200-300 km is included but some companies are open to offer ‘Unlimited Mileage’ or additional mileage at a nominal rate, if negotiated in advance. One of our customers reported to have cracked a ‘AED 100 for every 100 km’ deal (over the 250 km mileage limit) for a Land Cruiser SUV with one of our partner rental car companies. However, in most scenarios, the rates largely depend on the car, its rental price and the business terms of the premium car rental company.
  • Extras with the car: Are they included in the rental price? GPS units usually come fitted with luxury cars so most rental companies don’t mind offering GPS service free of charge if the price you pay is substantial for them to cover their costs.

If all of the above is agreed upon, book that car of your dreams for the dates you need so you don’t miss on availability. Lastly, build a good rapport with the rental company staff. Their knowledge and assistance will go a long way in uplifting your car rental travel experience in Dubai.

We at OneClickDrive wish you a pleasant car renting experience and a memorable stay in Dubai. If you’d like further assistance, please feel free to write to us on info@oneclickdrive.com.

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