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Getting the Best Car Rental Deal in the UAE

Getting the Best Car Rental Deal in the UAE

So you feel you’ve discovered the very best rent-a-car bargain in Dubai? Think again, good bargains are broken – not discovered. Never move by the daily / month cost. To make certain that you’ve got the best car rental deal ou best car lease deal, you have to ask the proper questions and, obviously, get favourable replies.

You will find these replies best in the staff in the rental vehicle firm’s store.

Questions you want to ask to understand that you are getting a great or the best deal ever:

Is your mileage unlimited or limited in the rental cost?

Unlimited mileage is, needless to say, what you need so that you can push miles over miles with no worry in the back of your mind.

The typical Salik prices in Dubai are AED 5 percent Salik. Incase, you regular a pair of tolls throughout your everyday sail / path, try forcing the rental vehicle business to discount particular tolls as soon as it reaches a pleasant figure.


Convenience and feature-related queries are significant for a few over others. If you are one who wants extra services, attempt to negotiate well on the under mentioned questions as well:

compare car lease plans in dubai

What are the fees for pickup and drop-off support?

Free is exactly what you need always (do not you?) But pick-up and delivery is free in the event the leasing business is gaining enough from you at the trade all around. If that’s the case, check whether you may drop the car in a branch distinct from where it had been picked up which might be simpler for you.

Does the car have a music player?

Each vehicle in Dubai includes an FM Player installed. If playing your music is not mandatory, turn to the Radio and discover your favorite station.

Is your automobile armed with power windows and door locks?
It is uncommon to locate cars without both of these attributes unless you have leased a classic or an old version of the vehicle that you asked for. Check prior to getting wrecked.
* aids greatly if you sail with a highway. Reach a bit below the rate limit and freeze onto it to get a long stretch.

Are there really are a USB charging interface in the auto?

It is likely inside somewhere, you simply have to find. Otherwise, you can ask for the car rental business to allow it to be accessible or only get a USB car charger from any suitable store in a gasoline station.

Last, do not forget to inquire if you have not been educated currently:

Who would I contact for help and in times of crises?

The automobile leasing firm may not be accessible beyond their job hours so save the RTA Toll-Free Helpline no. 8080900 as a contact on your mobile. Every business usually provides an automobile rental kit at the car with all of the crucial information the tenant might need.

You may not get it right first time but as soon as you’ve figured out the intricacies of the vehicle rental business in Dubai firsthand, next time you’ll be put to ask the best questions and finding that a fantastic deal would not be much of a challenge shortly after. We OneClickDrive are always accessible as a gateway into leasing cars in Dubai and wish you good fortune!

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