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Five Common Types Of Car Boot Spaces | OneClickDrive Car Rental

Five Common Types Of Car Boot Spaces | OneClickDrive Car Rental

Getting a rental car on a short or long-term basis is easy with the number of car rental companies available in the market. Choosing the right vehicle with proper seating and wide boot space is essential to ensure comfortable and smooth travel.

A Brief Guide On Car Boot Spaces – How Much Do You Need?

While searching rent a car near me and booking a rental car, it is essential to select the right vehicle with all the essential features and sufficient boot space. Your requirement for specific car features will mainly depend on your purpose of travel, whether it’s for a daily commute to the office or for a long weekend trip. Professional rent a car companies in Abu Dhabi or Dubai offer varied cars right from compact Kia models to spacious SUVs for rent at affordable prices. While comfortable seats and interiors are vital, spacious boot space is also important to ensure enough space for your luggage. With the current car models with foldable backseats, there is a wide variety available in terms of cargo space.


The average cargo space of cars such as Ford Fiesta, Yaris, and Ford Fiesta is roughly 280 to 290 liters, which may accommodate medium-sized 2-3 bags and briefcases. Although the compact hatchbacks do not comprise wider cargo space in their normal form, the boot space can be expandable by folding and reducing the rear seats.

Five Common Types Of Car Boot Spaces



These vehicles comprise deeper cargo areas to accommodate more luggage. For instance, the large boot spaces of Ford Focus, Toyota Auris, SEAT Leon, and Nissan Juke hold roughly 400 liters of cargo. If you are traveling with your family or friends consisting of three-four people, it can be an excellent option to hold all the heavy luggage. However, cars with this boot space fall into the regular deep category.

Five Common Types Of Car Boot Spaces


These vehicles offer substantially larger boot spaces to fit your varied shaped bags and other stuff. Along with roomy seating sections, the cargo compartment is also sizable and able to hold up to 400 to 550 liters. The cargo area of high-end vehicles like the BMW 1 Series, Opel Insignia, Ford Mondeo, and Toyota Avensis can comfortably hold four big luggage.

Five Common Types Of Car Boot Spaces


These high-end automobiles may be a little expensive more than other large-size vehicles but have a wider luggage room. Although the seats are open, vehicles like the Ford Kuga, Mercedes C class, and Volvo XC60 comprise spacious cargo space owing to the extendable and folding seatings. These vehicles are usually suitable for transporting larger furniture or for your large-scale weekly or monthly shopping.

Five Common Types Of Car Boot Spaces


Being the most spacious car types, these vehicles are highly preferred to travel with families or for extended weekend vacations. Vehicles like the Citroen Picasso and Opel Zafira have unrivaled cargo capacities of 700 – 1300 liters that can accommodate all of your long-distance essentials.

These are the most commonly found boot space variety available in the current car models. Based on your specific travel requirement, you can choose the right vehicle with sufficient seating and adequate cargo space. If you have fewer passengers and more luggage to take in one go, select the car models with an expandable cargo area that comes with foldable rear seats. However, if you need sufficient seating and yet require a wider boot space, go for the largest categories.

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