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Factors to consider before renting a car in Dubai

Factors to consider before renting a car in Dubai

Whether a person stays in Dubai or has come for a vacation, there is no better option to travel in the city than renting cars. Renting a car is always a better option than using public transport. There is a wide range of cars to choose from, a person can hire a luxury car, SUV or a car suitable for an off-road trip. Cars can be rented for short term and long term depending on how long is the journey or how many days a person wants to use it. To experience this beautiful city, one should hire cars, the roads are brilliant and the signage is easy to read and helps in a smooth journey.

Here are some things to remember using car rentals in UAE. One needs to list down the type of car needed and how long will it be needed for.  Do note that Fridays are generally holidays in UAE, so it gets difficult to hire or return a car. Also, the person should have enough credit limit to pay the security deposit. So for most rental companies, a credit card is a must. Hiring a car starts from AED 750. It is important to take pictures of inside and outside of the car when it is delivered. This will help in avoiding any arguments when returning the car.

Additionally, a person needs complete documents before hiring a car. A proper driver license or international license, passport copy, visa copy, and insurance are a must. Before driving off the car, check how much fuel is available in the tank. So when a person returns the car the same amount of fuel needs to be there. It is essential to check the car before the person accepts and signs the paper. If there are any dents or damages, it needs to be reported to the car rental agency.

While driving, if there are any abnormalities like the brake not working or any problem with the gear, call the rental agency instantly and ask for a replacement. The roads of the UAE have multiple speed limits. So when driving a budget rent a car Dubai, stay within the limits as there are cameras installed everywhere. If a person crosses the limit, they will end up paying a huge fine. Also, do remember to call the police if there is any major or minor accident. They will inform the car agency and do what is required. The car rental agency will also send a replacement as soon as possible.

Rather than using Google maps use WAZE APP it helps in giving the real-time speed limit and other updates. Lastly, before returning the vehicle, make a visit to the car rental agency a day prior, to know if there are any parking ticket charge that has to be paid, penalties or any outstanding amount. Before returning the car takes the interior and exterior pictures. Take the reading of the fuel level as well, so that it matches the level at the time the car was delivered. This will help from getting into any dispute or any additional charges.

How to choose a rental car company?

Before finalizing a company, search online there are multiple options budget rent a car in Dubai. For a small car, the price can vary for AED 125 to AED 180 a week. But if planning to rent a bigger car like an SUV the price will go further up. The time of the year is also an important factor that affects the price. A person can also look around the airport for various rent a car Abu Dhabi agency. Before signing and accepting the car, read the terms and conditions carefully before booking it. See if there are any additional charges that one has to pay when returning it and what are the terms to get the deposit back.

When renting a vehicle and if it is not meant for desert safari ensure not to take it there. There are possibilities that it may get stuck inside the sand or may turn upside down at the sand dune. If this happens then you will be charged and held responsible for the damage and the rental company will ensure to charge for the same When renting a car, a person can pay extra and get full coverage for the vehicle and themselves. In case any mishap takes place, there is no need to worry as the insurance will cover up for the damages.

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