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Correlation Between Cars And Professions

Correlation Between Cars And Professions

It is a common trend – we tend to associate certain cars with certain professions. Be it the Aston Martin with the famous James Bond or the more recent Renault Koleos with chefs being transported around in My Kitchen Rules, there is a car for everyone.

This is why when you tend to pick a car for yourself you need to be sure that it matches your lifestyle and complements your lifestyle and aspirations. This is important because the average UAE driver will use the same car for 3 long years. When you match and rent a car in Dubai you make sure that it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb in your social and professional circle. For example, how would it look if a new banker fresh out of college drives around in a high-end Mercedes? It does stick out in the crowd the banker is mingling in.

This is why it makes sense to opt for a vehicle with car rental offers based on your profession.

Are you interested to know more about such a correlation between car choices and profession? Then we have compiled a list for you. Take the case of Law enforcement. Police officers in the UAE drive various models of Toyota and Chevrolet. However, to boost their image especially in areas having high footfall of tourists, there have been some exotic car purchases for the police force, especially in Dubai. Here, it is not unusual to see police officers driving in Bugatti Veyron – the official fastest police car on Earth with a mind- boggling speed of 253 mph.

Then we have the bankers and executives. The people holding Senior leadership positions at corporate offices tend to go with a BMW or Mercedes. Be it consulting, business, technology, or real estate, well-paid professionals are prone to pick BMWs as their next drive. So if you fall into this bracket, you know what choice you got to make. The agriculture and farming domain too came across as a surprising sector that has a clear choice om the type of car the users want to have. A majority of people in this sector go with a Land Rover. The reason behind it is not hard to decipher. The sturdy build, all-terrain drive, and the ruggedness of the vehicle make it a favorite among the farming professionals who are constantly on the move from the farm to the market.

These were some car choices we aligned based on a driver’s profession. This list will come in handy when you go ahead and rent a car with driver in Dubai. Happy driving!

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  1. Tom James

    That’s a clever topic you chose there! There has always been a similarity between cars and personalities. We design cars to make them look or match more like us. I guess that’s why we find similar traits between cars and professions.

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