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What are the common Rules to Rent a Car in UAE?

What are the common Rules to Rent a Car in UAE?

The car renting business has become a big industry in recent years in the UAE. Generally, people living in Dubai prefer to rent a car in Dubai instead of buying it. The reason is simple: They can enjoy the benefits of upgraded and new models of cars.

There are many companies in Dubai which are investing in a car rental business so you can easily rent a car in Dubai. But, before doing it, be aware of the following car rental rules in Dubai otherwise you can get into trouble or you have to get ready for the huge bill. First you need to check the geographical boundary the car can be driven within. The rental vehicle in the UAE is strictly not allowed to be driven outside the UAE. You can’t take a rented car and cross the UAE border. However, certain car rental companies which have branches in nearby countries such as Oman and Saudi Arabia do offer coverage with insurance from the UAE.

Second, if a car has been lost or damaged then it won’t be covered in an insurance policy. So, before fixing a deal reassure what is included in the company’s insurance policy. Your minimum age limit to drive a rented car in Dubai is 21 years and your driving license must be 6 months old. You must possess a registered driving license to drive a rental car in UAE. If you are having an international driving license or have a driving license from eligible countries then you don’t require UAE driving license to drive on UAE roads.

If you are driving a rented car in UAE and met with an accident then you must notify the police. If a car gets damaged in an accident then the rental company can charge you for the loss even if it was not your fault. If a car doesn’t work properly or gets damage then you must contact the rental company instantaneously or else they may charge you for the damage. It is important to note that if a rental company is offering you any extra facilities such as delivery, navigation system, child seat etc. then they may apply extra charge for it.

Also, if you are charged with some traffic fine then the company will recover it from the security deposit. Most rental companies have the policy that you should pay security fees and charges for the car in advance. It is advisable to pay through credit card as your bank can protect you from unlawful charges.

You must read the company’s policy thoroughly before renting a car in Dubai. Most of the companies have their own websites so you must visit it to check different packages. You should check the company’s daily or weekly rates for different car models. Lastly, before you rent a car in the UAE, know the car rental rules in Dubai, terms, and conditions to be on the safe side so that you don’t have to face an unfortunate incident.

 Now you are aware of all the rules about rent a car in Dubai. So, it is the perfect time to connect with us and choose the best car deals as per your need and desire.

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