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Cars that Last a Decade or More

Cars that Last a Decade or More

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  • Publication publiée :mai 9, 2022
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Technological advancements have enhanced the cars at their core. Some classic cars are a great example of how cars can last for more than a decade and even more. It often does happen that automobile industries produce awful cars. Therefore, it is important to think over and then determine which cars are worth investing in. Since buying a car is a big investment, it is natural for customers to seek vehicles that will live years and past the end of their loans or down payments. Longevity and retained value are two important focuses while considering a purchase.  

Here is a list of cars that are expected to last a decade. It is imperative to note that it is difficult to determine which cars are the best based only on their outward appearance. Features, stability, handling, and several other things are major contributing factors to determine the same.


1. Toyota

From the basic cars to the larger vehicles, Toyota bears the hallmark of unbeatable quality. This Japanese company experienced significant growth in the 21st century by introducing the luxury brand Lexus. It has been the fan favorite for the off-roaders, overlanders, and even the commoner. The simplicity of the Toyota Tundra will keep your eyes transfixed on its reliability. Even when you drive these models hard and take the aggressive ones off-grid, you will have a tough time putting them down!



2. Chevrolet

American manufacturers have manufactured cars with more refined sensibility with perfect looks. It values your safety above everything else. Chevrolet fulfills every customer’s needs and style, from full-size SUVs, crossovers, sedans, and compacts to pure muscle. Chevrolet also offers a hybrid model, a Chevrolet Silverado 15 Hybrid 2 WD, that delivers a respectable fuel economy. Chevrolet offers over 300 unique models that you can drive without worrying about service or breakdowns.


3. Ford

Ford cars are one of the most reliable cars on the road. The company commits to quality in every vehicle they manufacture to fulfill your trust. Though they have produced several models, four of them receive utmost respect from everyone- The Ranger, the Escort, the Taurus, and the F-150. So long you have one of these, you can smoothly drive on an Emirate reservation, driving off-road, and on highways. Pick your choice up and enjoy the American luxury. Great quality and powerful engines come, this car will be to your satisfaction.



4. Mazda

Mazda that comes with a Sedan body is known for the owner’s satisfaction, predicted reliability, and safety. Mazda is a unique blend of driving a high-quality and reliable vehicle with a great style at a reasonable price. The interior looks prove an impressive car with responsible mileage and handling. For the dwelling in the city of Dubai, you can easily zip between appointments because this is the best way to go.



5. Porsche

The reliable qualities of Porsche luxury make it a pleasure to drive. Incredible balance and shock absorption capability, and accurate response to the wheels make the ride smooth as silk. Plush leather seats, premium-looking metal surfaces, and wood inlays make the interior pleasing to the senses. The latest technologies like 3D sound systems, intuitive touch screens, Bluetooth connectivity, etc., will have you spellbound.



6. Audi

Audi is the one reliable vehicle that needs less maintenance in the future. You can trust this model if you want your cars to last a decade. Audi has a huge fan base around the world, and the brand certainly offers good reasons for it. It has some of the world’s best quality models with plenty of innovative and ground-breaking technology. The look, of course, is a plus point!



7. BMW

BMW is known for its handling and offers an ultimate driving experience. It is beautifully designed without skipping on the quality. BMW takes all the terrain like snow and off-roads quite easily. The manufacturers have paid attention to details with small engines but are more fuel-efficient. You are going to love the performance.



8. Mercedes 

Proper maintenance is going to keep that car in your garage for long. The brand has been known for the design of its luxury models, paying attention from the exterior to the interior of the cars. However, the best thing is that Mercedes provides maximum comfort to drivers and passengers. It has a world-class range of cars appealing to people of different types.



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