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Car Lights – Different Types And Their Functions |  OneClickDrive Car Rental

Car Lights – Different Types And Their Functions | OneClickDrive Car Rental

All the cars comprise a set of lights that help in ensuring visibility while driving in any region. Based on their specific functions, these lights are divided into different categories, such as headlights, fog lights, and side lights, among others.

A Beginner’s Guide To Understand Car Lights

Car lights form one of the prominent components in the automobiles offered by any car rental Dubai company that ensure safety while driving. Proper use of car lights is essential to protect yourself, other vehicles on the roads, and the pedestrians. As there are different car lights with varied uses such as for night, daytime, or fog, knowing the exact use of these lights is important. This will not only help you have a clear vision but also avoid potential risks due to less visibility. Here’s a simple guide to understanding the different types.


These are considered to be the prominent ones, which emit brighter light ways than sidelights but less than the intensity of full beam. As they are focussed downwards, they are also called low lights. Although many recent car models feature running lights that operate automatically, the switch controlling these lights are typically located on a dashboard dial.

Car Lights


Day Lights

Also termed as the driving lights, the daytime running lights are not very known. Although not found in the older car models produced before 2011, automobiles manufactured after that include these lights. It automatically list up when the vehicle is turned on. Similar to sidelights, they are insufficient to provide enough light during nighttime. They support the full-beam lights to get better visibility in a dark environment.

Car Lights


Full-beam Lights

As the name suggests, full beam headlights offer maximum illumination to get a clear view on the roads. Placed slightly higher than the low lights, they act as the main light source to be used during the night and when the other vehicles are at a distance of 200 meters from your vehicle. However, it is highly recommended to use the high-beam lights carefully during bad weather.

Car Lights


Fog Light

Based on the specific car models, the fog lights will be present on both sides of the vehicle. The light will be focused in the same direction as that of the main headlights. The use of fog lights will completely depend on how clearly you can see the road. In simple terms, you can determine this by checking the vehicles in the front. Fog lights usage should only be limited to when the rear lights of the vehicle ahead are not visible. Avoid unnecessary use of fog lights, as it can impair the visibility of your fellow drivers.

Car Lights



Apart from the major car lights mentioned above, there are other types of lights that signify different signs to fellow drivers, such as lane change, slow down, and parking, among others. Brake lights and hazard lights help the vehicle behind to understand your vehicle is slowing down or halting suddenly. Also, there are reversing and parking lights (sidelights), to indicate those specific functions.

Lorsque vous rent a car Sharjah, Dubai, or anywhere across the UAE, check the vehicle lights are all functioning properly.

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