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Can You Rent a Car With Cash in Dubai?

Can You Rent a Car With Cash in Dubai?

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  • Publication publiée :juin 10, 2022
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Credit cards are ubiquitous in every industry today, including car rental services. However, there is more flexibility in the car rental market with respect to the mode of payment. Several independent car rental companies in Dubai accept cash as another form of payment than a credit card. So, getting a rental car without a credit card is not true.

You can rent a car with cash in two ways.

  1. You can book your car using a credit or debit card and then pay in cash when you return the car.
  2. Paying in cash directly for the booked car. Some car rental companies allow you to pay the cash deposit upfront when booking a car. 

Why do car rental companies prefer payment via credit card?

Cash may seem a reliable option, but it does not prove that you can be trusted. So, car rental companies need credit cards as proof that you are not a credit risk. After all, most car rental companies will not let you drive off in one of their cars without any assurance. 

Is renting a car with cash payment possible?

Several car rental companies accept cash as a mode of car rental payment. You need to check these companies and their requirements before booking a car. Some companies may require you to attach your credit card to the booking in case you are later charged for any accident or damage to the car during the rental period. Some companies also charge a security deposit in the form of cash or block the same on your credit card for security reasons.  

If you want to rent a car using a cash deposit, you will have to provide:

  • ID proof
  • Driving license, which is different for UAE residents and tourists visiting UAE.
  • Cash Deposit
  • Copy of Passport
  • And other documents as per the requirements of the company. 

You can rent a car with a credit card if you have the documents intact.

What are the other alternatives to renting a car without a credit card?

Other alternatives for renting a car without a credit card are debit card, cheque, or cryptocurrency. However, all debit cards are not accepted by car rental companies. Explore the information provided by different car rental companies to know more about the type of debit card they accept. Also, different car rental companies have different alternative payment options. Check with the car rental companies to know their different payment modes.

Where can you explore the car rental companies and their different modes of payment?

One Click Drive is a comprehensive platform that lists more than 150 independent car rental companies from across the UAE that specifies the accepted payment modes for the convenience of the customers. You can rent any car of your choice including luxury, sports, and economical cars.

However, you must remember that you must explore to find a good car rental company with reasonable policies if you are looking to not pay via your credit card. Typically, different companies have different policies for cash or debit card payments. Therefore, choose the company that imposes less restrictive policies on you. Analyze and compare the rental prices and policies of different car rental companies listed on One Click Drive. 

One Click Drive

You can also shortlist the company based on the car type you are looking for. Some car rental companies that accept payments in cash or debit cards may not be willing to rent a luxury or sports car if you don’t use a credit card. However, some car rental companies also allow other forms of payment like cheques or cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. So, spend quality time researching and hunting the companies that offer you the best deals and easy payment modes. 

Insurance is another important aspect to consider while renting. According to RTA, Dubai, every car rental must cover the basic or standard insurance in the rental fees. Therefore, it is best to check with the company if they cover the basic insurance or not. However, you can also get full insurance coverage by paying an additional fee. We recommend you get additional insurance coverage because it ensures stress-free traveling without worrying about any car damage. 

Note: Car rental companies may also take security deposits in cash, or they might even block a refundable deposit amount on your credit card. This amount is refunded after 30 days. This security deposit is exclusive of the rental price. The best is to inquire about the insurance cost and what is inclusive and exclusive of the rental fees.

What kind of cards do car rental companies accept?

It is important to inquire the car rental companies about the types of cards that they accept – MasterCard, Visa logos, or other cards. The name on your ID proof must match the name on your Credit or Debit card. So, use your own card. This must be especially taken care of when renting a car using a debit card. You must carry all the necessary documents essential for car renting. 


You can rent a car in UAE even if you don’t own a credit card or do not want to use it. You can rent a car using other payment options like cash, debit card, cheque, or even cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin), provided that you have all the required documents and fulfill all the eligibility criteria. If you are ready to rent a car, explore the prices of 1500+ car listings on One Click Drive and book your car today using the most convenient mode of payment.

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