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Budget-Friendly Exploration: The Insider’s Guide to Cheap Car Rentals in Dubai

Budget-Friendly Exploration: The Insider’s Guide to Cheap Car Rentals in Dubai

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  • Publication publiée :juin 24, 2024
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Dubai is known for its glamorous lifestyle, but exploring it doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank. One such way to explore is by opting for a car rental Dubai service. This is because while there are many options, such as public transport and cab services, these can come with their fair share of disadvantages, including having to wait in a queue, not all areas being easily accessible by public transport, and expensive cab fares.

Our marketplace makes it a breeze for users to find car rentals in Dubai, as we bring all suppliers under one roof, so you can explore and compare a wide range of options in the comfort of your own home without having to visit a rental office. Whether you’re in search of a luxury car, an economy car, or even something in between, you’ll find the perfect match here. 

Furthermore, one of the biggest benefits of using our platform is that you can secure the cheapest rent a car in Dubai, as multiple suppliers are vying for your business, thus offering only the most competitive rates.

Also, unlike other rent a car Dubai platforms, we have a zero commission policy, allowing you to rent your desired car without any additional fees, thereby ensuring the rental process is transparent and cost effective.

Rental Tips/Tricks That Can Help You Save

To avail a cheap rent a car in Dubai through OneClickDrive, consider the following key points:

  • Economy or compact car rentals typically have lower rates than SUV’s or luxury cars.
  • To ensure availability and prevent seasonal price increases, make sure to book in advance. 
  • To get lower rental rates, make your reservation during the weekdays and off-seasons rather than the weekends and holidays.
  • Use the filter function on our app and website to choose information like price in a low-to-high range to find a rental as per your budget. 
  • To minimise surcharges and convenience costs, rent a car from rental firms located closer to the airport rather than at the airport itself. 

When renting a car, you have the option to choose between luxury and economy vehicles. Each type has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Here’s a detailed comparison to help you decide which option is best for your needs.

Cost Significantly higher costs than economy cars Budget friendly with lower rates. 
Fuel Consumption Consume more fuel, so additional costs add up. Are fuel-efficient, thus, making them cost-effective.
Special Occasions Perfect for important events such as weddings, anniversaries, corporate events, and meetings, as these involve making an impression.  Great for everyday use and practical purposes.
Comfort and Style Ideal for people who are looking for a car that provides comfort, style, and a great driving experience.  This is great for those looking to save up on rental costs. 
Short-term Rentals Ideal for short trips Ideal for longer rental durations 
City Driving Luxury cars provide a premium experience even in urban settings, although parking can be more difficult. Ideal for urban areas where ease of parking and manoeuvrability are important.


By using the above tips and tricks, and determining the kind of car you want, you can find cheap car rentals that suit your needs in Dubai on OneClickDrive.

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