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Automotive industry in the UK 

Automotive industry in the UK 

The United Kingdom has been one of the pioneer countries in automobile production. Although the late 19th Century car industry in the UK was mainly influenced by Germany and France, the early 20th century inspired British engineers to create the first completely domestic design and execution of a four-wheel vehicle. And the automotive industry in the UK has suffered many ups and downs since then. These days many of its classic brands are not domestically owned, but still represent British traditions and style. Nonetheless, Britain still has an impressive number of factories, manufacturing everything from internal combustion engines and electric vehicles to car covers and headlights. It has one of the highest productivity levels across Europe and provides solid quality for more than a century. Traditional British marques are mostly focused on sports cars and luxury vehicles, which are hard to top. Here are a few of the biggest names in British auto manufacturing. 


  • Aston Martin. One of the oldest companies on the list, it was founded in 1913. This brand of luxury sports cars became an icon of British culture and has a leading position in the British auto industry. The first model was put together in 1915, right before the WWI. The company gradually gained force with the launch of the “DB” series, and in 1969 an Aston Martin was used as a James Bond supercar in the “Goldfinger”. 


So what does Aston Martin have in store for us these days? The Aston Martin DBS Superleggera. This unbelievable supercar has a unique airflow system, which generates more than 160 kg of downforce at full speed. It has a 5,2-liter V12 double turbo engine, which produces impressive 725 horsepower. Plus, high-performance tires and gorgeous interior! Definitely worth checking out for more details! 


  • Bentley. No less famous than Aston Martin and every ounce as British. The company was founded in 1919, it was bought and sold many times since then, and currently belongs to Volkswagen, but the main factory is still situated in Crewe, England, and mostly focuses on luxury cars and SUV-s. Its first model saw light in 1921 (the 3-litre), then came the 4,5-litre, 6-litre, 8-litre subsequently, etc. 


Today Bentley has some new tricks up its sleeve and offers the new Bentley Flying Spur 2020. It reaches 60 mph in only 3,7 seconds. Impeccable hand-stitched premium leather and suede interior, unbelievably quiet and luxurious. Everything in this gorgeous car is built to unite speed and premium comfort. If you are into luxury cars, you are going to love this. 


  • Rolls Royce. It has long become an icon for luxury and craftsmanship, earning a solid role of a cultural phenomenon.  Plus, this is the oldest company on the list, dating back to 1904. With headquarters still in West Sussex, this company belongs to BMW now. 


In 2020 Rolls Royce presented the most luxurious SUV ever made, the Rolls Royce Cullinan Black Badge. It has 600 horsepower and a 6.75-litre V12 engine. But that’s not what makes this SUV absolutely extraordinary. It’s luxurious to the point of having an umbrella built into the back-seat door, in case you need it. Which is, by the way, designed with a chauffeur in mind. Literally. The back-seat door is hinged backwards, so it will be comfortable for someone to open the door for you and hold the umbrella up immediately. Plus, lambswool floor mats, built-in refrigerator, automatic doors and pretty much anything else you can think of when you say “luxury”.


  • Jaguar. Today, this is a multinational brand, deeply rooted in Whitley, Coventry in the heart of England. Long before joining Land Rover, it was founded back in 1922 and produced sidecars for motorcycles. XK120 model, launched in 1948, was a great breakthrough for the company and became an icon for all post-WWII sports cars. 


Today, in 2020 Jaguar offers a modified version of its classic Jaguar XE, released back in 2015. Now it got a facelift and has a number of features propelling it in status. Although no match to the Cullinan, this car is comfortable and high-class. It has new, bigger screens for the controls and it does 0 – 60 in 5,9 seconds. The new XE has refined surfaces, with premium materials and generally feels much more comfortable than its predecessor. 


As you can see, there’s still much going on with classic British marques, as they offer newer, better, faster and more luxurious models each coming year. So be sure to follow the news from the auto world not to miss any updates! 

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