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8 Best Sedan Car Rentals in Dubai

8 Best Sedan Car Rentals in Dubai

Sedans are amongst the most popular types of cars offered by the car rental companies in Dubai. If you are travelling with your family and friends, then the sedan cars are perfect for exploring Dubai. With four doors and a trunk, the sedan cars are quite spacious. Thus, they are appropriate for your travels. While there are different sedan car rentals in Dubai, it might still be confusing as to which sedan or saloon car will be perfect for your use. To help you out, we are listing down the best sedan cars for rentals in Dubai.

Mazda 3 Sedan 2018:

Rent a Mazda 3 sedan car and explore different parts of Dubai in style and comfort. Fits 5 people perfectly, the trunk of this car is large enough to accommodate two bags of medium size. The most compelling thing about this sedan is however the fact that it comes with multiple features like a push-button ignition system, airbags at the back and front, comfortable fabric seats, fog lights, sensors for parking, climate control and a multitude of other features.


Toyota Yaris Sedan 2021:

Toyota Yaris Sedan comes with advanced cruise control features. This car also boasts an automatic transmission system. So, driving this sedan in Dubai will always be a pleasurable experience. This 5 seater sedan also comes with power windows. Thus, they will also provide extra protection and help in maintaining a desirable ambience inside the car. Also, it features an ABS body which provides the car with excellent durability while reducing its weight.


MG 360:

MG 360 surely brings assurance of comfort and quality along with it. Having a classic 5 seater design, this car has a spacious trunk that can easily fit two medium bags easily. One of the best things about this car is the fact that it comes with a 1.5l engine capacity. Hence, it provides excellent power and a smooth driving experience. Also, the seats in this car are of high-quality fabric. Thus, you will have a cosy sitting experience as well. Get cheap car rents from a good car rental agency in Dubai and have fun driving on the majestic roads of Dubai.


Nissan Sunny 2021:

Nissan Sunny 2021 is surely an excellent sedan car that you can go for if you are looking forward to renting a car in Dubai. Available in white as well as silver colour, this car from Nissan boasts an automatic transmission. Therefore, it offers a smooth operation and an excellent driving experience. Moreover, this car also comes with intelligent cruise control features.


Renault Symbol 2019:

If you are looking for a luxurious sedan car rental in Dubai, you should seriously consider the Renault Symbol 2019 model. With a classic design, this car is perfect for accommodating 5 passengers along with two bags. Comes with GCC specs, this car boasts an excellent engine capacity of 1.6 litres.


Mitsubishi Attrage 2021:

Mitsubishi is surely a giant in the automobile industry. The Attrage 2021 surely proves to be a great addition to this list. It offers a perfect comfortable sedan experience with a treasure trove of exciting features. This car features an ABS body and alloy wheels. So, you can completely trust the build quality of this sedan. While the windows are slightly tinted, you will also be provided with paddle shift and parking assist features. Rent this sedan car with a driver from a leading car rental agency and cruise through the Dubai roads in style.


Hyundai Accent 2020:

Get affordable car rentals in Dubai and book Hyundai Accent 2020 in Dubai. It comes with a rear AC for providing extra comfort to the passengers in the backseat. Also, you will get tinted windows and special fog lights for a safe and comfortable drive. Furthermore, it comes with power mirrors and special parking sensors to further enrich your driving experience.


BMW 520i 2019:

A luxury sedan car rental from BMW, this car is intelligent, full of features and spacious at the same time. The BMW 520i can accommodate 5 passengers along with 3 bags in its trunk. Plus, you will also get a push-button system for ignition along with a robust automatic transmission and powerful engine of 1.6-litre capacity. With excellent climate control features and an android control system, the BMW 520i will surely make your travel very comfortable.

When travelling in Dubai, renting a car is certainly the wisest and cheapest policy. So, contact a car rental company and look through the wide range of sedan rentals and get the best sedan car rental in Dubai to drive through this luxurious city comfortably.

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