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5 Tips to Streamline your Car Rental Business

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It’s no secret that every business needs to be well-organized if it wants to survive these days or atleast if it wants to grow. Especially in Dubai, where most of the population prefers to do business only with companies that are professional. Even though if they only appear professional.

It’s essential to adapt to the market where your business is located – yes. But it is extremely important that you enhance your car rent business with a global outlook. This is mainly because your company is more or less listed on the internet – the world wide web.

Unstructured businesses are losing out to their competition primarily when they neglect these steps. A case particularly common in Dubai. We at the “Dubai’s no. 1 car rental portal” have identified a few simple steps that are easy for you to integrate in your existing business activities.  So here they are are 5 tips to streamline your car rental business…

1. Customer Service is Key

Customer service defines your business name and game. From the way you handle the initial car rental enquiries over the phone to the feel of your rental cars the customer has agreed to drive. Everything matters.

Customers these days expect a lot from the people they do business with. And why shouldn’t they. Your competition is ready to provide that A-grade quality service that people demand. The additional cost your competition might charge doesn’t matters to them. It’s all about experiences. With the power of the Internet, customers can rate your businesses right on Google today so be sure to be on their good side.

And remember, if you provide a quality experience to a new customer, he will return. Perhaps even with a bigger budget and try out a premium car from your fleet of rental cars.

2. Get Your Business Face On

The face of your business are the people who first interact with your customers. The ones who pick up the phone and those behind the customer service desk in your car rental shops. So…

Train your front-desk staff to be professional and ‘cool’ with potential customers. Train your staff to guide the customer with all the basic info of renting a car. Keeping such info ready at hand is great – printed sheets with your company logo on it is a good idea. Most customers in Dubai are still not aware of the ins and outs of renting a car. Assist them well once and convert them into returning customers.

From the variety you offer within a particular type of car the customer is interested into the kind of services your company offers together with a rental car when a customer is looking for luxury.

Treat the next customer that walks into your shop as a king and reap the repeat business you’ll get from him/her when he thinks of renting a car in Dubai again

3. Tracking Your Marketing Effort

Every established company in Dubai today advertises through multiple channels. Advertising in newspapers such as Gulf News, one-page pamphlets showcasing your fleet and of course online advertising. OneClickDrive provides marketing performance reports to all of its clients on a monthly basis. But only successful companies themselves track where they get their leads from.

Train your staff to religiously ask every caller where they saw your ad or how they got your number. Do this even for the customers that show up in your store: did they walk in looking at a pamphlet you distributed in their tower, noticed your office billboard or perhaps heard of a special offer you uploaded on various websites online – which website?

You’ll soon understand which marketing medium is working the best for you. There’s no doubt that this is understanding this bit is extremely important for the better if your business.

4. Get in Touch with Every Potential

Make sure that your staff returns a call to every lead who has emailed you – first thing in the morning of the next day. If you can provide a 24×7 customer helpline, your customers are going to love you. Track every missed call especially the ones missed after business hours. There are many tools (economically-priced) available to monitor your landline number.

People who have called you are mostly aware that your business hours are over. But they still try probably because are very much interested in a rental car you have on offer.

Connect with such hot leads instantaneously and convert them. Before your competition takes over.



5. Collect Constant Feedback

Feedback allows you to learn what your customers like and dislike about your business. Use Google Forms to instantly create feedback forms. It will allow you to understand what your customers are looking for from businesses like yours. They will inform you on measures that you need to take in order to improve your customer base and customer satisfaction levels.

Largely there are only two steps you need to put in place in order to setup collecting feedback:

  • – Asking the Right Questions
  • – Deciding the timing when these questions should be asked


Most of the above mentioned tips are largely basic to any business in an international market like Dubai today. Quality service is what every customer of your demands and deserves. If they aren’t put in place yet, we strongly suggest that you invest the time and effort to do so at the earliest.

If you run a car rental business, you must choose the right marketing channel to advertise your car rental business in Dubai, UAE. After that, all you need t do is watch your business grow!

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  1. Marketing 101

    Wow! Nice post. It’s interesting how some businesses still survive without any of the above efforts. Perhaps not for long… 😛

  2. Frank Edgar

    Before starting a car rental business, you need to make an analysis of your economic stability. The economic status is important as many other factors are affecting your company. Riders need to develop a car rental app for the business in order to avoid diverting and transform it into a huge success instead.

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