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5 Interesting Facts About Rolls Royce

5 Interesting Facts About Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce is an epitome of grace and perfection. It’s always been the most talked about vehicle among the elite class. This perfection is accessible only to a specific class of society and is just a dream for those who can’t afford it. But it’s easier than ever in Dubai, a city of possibilities, where dreams come true.

You can rent a Rolls Royce in Dubai to live your dream of driving it without having to own it. Rolls Royce’s outlook, emblem, and features are the most talked about topics among car lovers or those who own it. But have you ever heard that this car has a history of mysterious and exciting things, making it a sensational car? 

If not, don’t worry; in this guide, you will learn five facts about this sensational beast on the road. These facts will persuade you for an adrenaline rush you were craving for Rolls Royce. 

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Interesting Facts about Rolls Royce

  • Embroidered Peregrine

On the interior roof of Rolls Royce, you will find an embroidered peregrine falcon, the fastest bird in the world. It is made with 25000 stitches by a professional team of designers, craftsmen, and engineers over months. This falcon stands for the car’s raging speed. 

  • Spirit of Ecstasy

Did you know the very famous mascot on the car has a special and unique name? If not, it’s called the Spirit of Ecstasy. It was crafted by a very skilled sculpture in 1990 by Charles Skye, manifesting his lover, Eleanor Thornton. It is a sculpture of a woman leaning forward with her arms stretched back. It means grace, beauty, and energy, which the car possesses.

  • Cars Assembly

The car’s assembly and making is another exciting feature as it takes 60 pairs of hands and 400 hours to build a Rolls Royce. It can be adjusted based on the complexity of manufacturing. 

  • Painting of Rolls Royce

Painting the car is a complex and delicate matter that needs to be handled with great care. Robots are employed to paint the vehicle under special supervision to achieve a mirror-like finish. A skilled team of painters is used to paint it perfectly with hands for spots hard to reach. It takes seven days and almost 45kg of paint to do a flawless finish of one car. 

  • Bull Leather for Interior

The exceptional interior of the car speaks for the perfection and deliberation done to choose the type of leather. Only bull leather is used for the upholstery, not any but a special European breed. 

It is not a wonder to say that anyone would love to drive Rolls Royce, an epitome of grace and art. Why not take a ride in a car built on such sophistication and deliberation? 

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