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5 Eminent Features of Mercedes E Class You Must Know

5 Eminent Features of Mercedes E Class You Must Know

Mercedes Benz E class series is most loved by car enthusiasts for numerous reasons. Its intriguing look, high-end features, and head-turning performance will make you have it more than once. 

Mercedes Benz E-class models have seen well-engineered upgrades and modifications. All new improvements in E-class have rendered it more desirable. Mercedes rentals in Dubai are well known for their fantastic collection and updated fleet. They try to have every new model as soon as possible to provide the enthusiast in Dubai with the car of their dreams at affordable rates. 

Amazing Features of Mercedes E Class

Mercedes E Class Rentals

Turbo-Charged Engine 

With the new modifications, E-class comes with a potent Turbo-Charged Engine for thrilling performance on the road. The power yield increases to 255 drive and 273 pound-feet of force for an exciting road racing experience. These moderations elevated its efficiency on the road to two-folds. 

Controlled Handling 

If you are going on a highway to quench your thirst for speed, the controlled handling of E-class will provide you with a balanced dynamic technology. The series’ suspension is imbibed with the latest high-end technology for a better riding experience when on the move with an accelerator. The grip of the type and firm composure of the car will make you drive it more and more with a raging speed to feel like a lightning bolt. This is the best option for those looking for sport plus luxury in a sedan. 

Exquisite Interior and Exterior

Mercedes is known for its exterior and interior and has made an impression on sophisticated and elite members of society. Whether business delegations or private functions, it is the ultimate idea choice. The comfort of its interior with LED lighting, stylish curves, and the edge is head-turning, making gazers droll over. E-class is your best option if you want to make the best impression among your business partners or friends.

Cutting-edge innovation

Innovation is what makes Mercedes the talk of the town. It is always taking the lead, whether it’s the upgrades or inclusion of the latest technology and features. The innovative safety technology, Automatic Braking System (ABS), Air Body Control, panoramic sunroof, etc., make it a more reliable and dynamic car for those looking for a ride full of excitement and security.

Mercedes E Class Rentals



Safety and security are the top priority of the Mercedes manufacturer. The Automatic Breaking System and Air Body Control take care of your road rage, providing an edge that you are safe and sound. To meet any fatal situation on the road, ABS will work and prevent you from getting into an accident. At the same time, Air Body Control will ensure the perfect balancing of the car during speeding. 


Mercedes E-class is an exceptional choice for those looking for luxury and sporty elements in a car. With its unmatched appeal, thrilling speed, and up-to-date features, E-class will give you a secure and exciting driving experience. If you are considering the smooth E-class series ride, check the fantastic deals and offers on OneClickDrive and book your car today for your incredible driving! 

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