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Everything You Need to Know About Desert Safari Packages in Dubai

Everything You Need to Know About Desert Safari Packages in Dubai

Imagine entering a location where the bustle of urban life disappears and is replaced by the gentle whispers of golden dunes and legends that date back thousands of years. That’s Dubai’s magic for you. Although most of us are aware of its staggering buildings and opulent retail districts, there is a hidden treasure that frequently goes overlooked. A desert that calls with tales of ancient nomads and adventures just waiting to be enjoyed lies beyond the city’s contemporary glamour. Through the different desert safari packages in Dubai, you can now be a part of this story.

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The Desert Calls

Let’s pause and experience the pulse of the desert before getting into the specifics of the desert safari Dubai packages. The Dubai Department of Tourism & Commerce Marketing reports that an astounding 16 million visitors came to Dubai in 2019. And what’s this? Many of these tourists went on a desert safari,  attracted by the promise of an exciting new experience. In Fact, the Dubai desert safari has been ranked the no 1 tourism experience in the world.

Due to this passion for the desert, many companies in Dubai have developed a number of desert safari Dubai packages, each of which promises a distinctive experience. The desert safari Dubai packages guarantee an experience that’s ideal for you, whether you enjoy adrenaline rushes, value cultural nuance, or are simply wanting to veer off the main road.

Which of the Desert Safari Packages Should You Choose?

  1. Morning Desert Safari: Are you a morning person? Then this one’s for you! Watch the desert come to life as the sun rises, engage in some exhilarating dune bashing, give sand boarding a go, or just take a tranquil camel ride.

  2. Evening Desert Safari: This is the most widely chosen of the available desert safari packages in Dubai. The desert becomes a festive playground when the sun sets and the sky becomes scarlet and gold. Its sheer enchantment, with everything from camel rides to cultural shows to a banquet beneath the stars, are few of the many reasons why!
  1. Overnight Safari in the Desert: Have you ever imagined spending the night in the desert and hearing its eerie tales? You are able to achieve it using this package. After an enchanting evening, cuddle up in classic Bedouin tents and awaken to a world illuminated by the gentle morning light.
  1. Luxury Desert Safari: For individuals who prefer a dash of luxury with their activities. Imagine it as the five-star experience for the desert. This package features upscale meals, luxurious tents, and a hint of exclusivity.

Finding the Best Deal for a Desert Safari

Due to the desert’s enduring allure, there are several desert safari Dubai offers. What do you do when there are so many options? With so many tour providers offering desert safari Dubai deals, it sure is a crowded market. With our marketplace you can easily compare and  there is something for every budget. 

The Dubai Chamber of Commerce noted in 2020 that there were 20% more operators in the desert safari market. 

A Sneak Peek at Your Desert Expedition

– Dune bashing: Hold on firmly. Your heart will surely race as you ride this rollercoaster across the sand dunes.

– Camel Riding: An easy, rhythmic trip that provides a picture of how the desert was travelled in the past.

  Cultural performances:  Enjoy the ancient dances and performances of the desert such as Tanoura Dance, Arabic dance, belly dancing among others, each telling a unique tale of legacy and passion.

– Traditional cuisine: Immerse yourself in a gastronomic adventure with a BBQ Dinner. The senses are treated to a feast.

Evening Desert Safari

Before you go, please…

  1. Research: With so many Dubai desert safari offers available, doing your study will guarantee that you get the most out of those Dirhams. Our marketplace helps you do just that and more!
  1. Dress appropriately: The temperature in the desert can vary greatly. Wearing light clothing throughout the day and a warm layer in the evening should work.
  2. Remain hydrated: The desert may be challenging yet beautiful. Keep that bottle of water nearby.

Key Takeaways 

In summary, Dubai’s metropolitan wonders fascinate the globe, but its desert also has stories and experiences that are enthralling. Every traveller may uncover their own desert narrative with the variety of desert safari packages in Dubai available. 

Allow the timeless allure of the desert to captivate you when visiting Dubai. It’s an experience that should stick with you long after the trip is over!

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