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Dubai’s Love for Supercars

When you know that you can get around in a bus, metro, cabs then why own a car?

The answer is the same everywhere as in the UAE. Super cars are only fashion statements, customized expressions of who you are, what you think of yourself and what you want to convey to those around you. The means to get around exist in the city, but if you own a car it says something about you… that you don’t take a metro or a bus anywhere you go… You have a CAR!

It’s all about ‘exclusivity’

The kind of car you drive makes as much of a fashion statement as the clothes you wear. Indeed, in some social circles in the Emirates, your wheels hold more importance than what brand of shoes you wear. And if your car “sports” a customized, one-of-a-kind edition, your lifestyle becomes all the more enviable. For this elite class of drivers, standard in-shop colours are unexciting, and don’t help maintain an image of exclusivity. Thus they turn to car wrapping, a trend that has become increasingly popular in the region, especially among Gulf Arabs.

In Dubai, the color of ones car indicates about what feelings one consider important and how one perceive themselves. Trends in car colors operate on a much longer frame than they ever do for clothing. They’ll flip every six or eight years as opposed to every season. However, they involve just as much emotion and personalization for those who choose them as any Dior gown.

It’s about buying something that makes a statement about your personality. The female companion play an important role in the selection of both the interior and exterior of the car.

Emiratis & Expats – Super Cars Obsession

Emiratis have a high obsession with luxury and super cars. In Dubai, the police drive Lamborghinis; the ambulance service has a Lotus. Now, the expats have joined in too. Expats in Dubai are racing to compete with the glitziest super cars on the roads, thanks to the cheap fuel prices. The emirate has long had a reputation for an obsession with high-end super cars. Traditionally, for the locals, collecting them has been an expensive hobby.

But now foreigners, not to mention, hotels and even brands have invested in the top range sports cars. You can also get expats and tourists who can afford to rent and drive a super car here in Dubai.

The cars are used mainly for publicity. These super cars are driven around high-profile areas of the city. When you see them out on the road in a convoy, it brings a smile to your face. While Emiratis take the lead when it comes to driving super cars, expats from all over the world are keen to follow suit.

The demand for supercars and luxury cars in general in the Middle East is growing steadily, according to the research by Bain & Co., a management consulting company.

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