Dubai Parking Guide: 2020 (Payment, Fines, Zones, Tariffs)

Dubai Parking Guide: 2020 (Payment, Fines, Zones, Tariffs)

The parking system in the UAE is a bit complex. It’s evolved over the years to accommodate demands and costing structures. Besides, different rules apply in different zones. Read on to find out more about the latest parking fees for both pay-as-you-go and RTA seasonal parking cards in Dubai. Knowing these parking fees is important to those of you who own or rent vehicles or are considering applying for a Dubai driving license.


How to pay for parking in Dubai?

You can pay for parking in Dubai in various ways:

Through SMS

Send an SMS to 7275 using mParking in the following format: <number plate> <parking code> <number of hours> (eg: A12345 319B 2). You’ll receive SMS alerts 10-15 minutes before your parking expires for a charge-free extension.

This method works in all parking zones across Dubai. However, you need to be using a local mobile number from Du, Etisalat or Virgin Mobile.


The RTA app (Android / iOS)

Another fast and quick way to pay for parking is via the RTA app (free download on the app store). The app comes with many other advantages, including locating the correct parking space and listing points of interest, including service centres, bus stations, metro stations, monthly fees for RTA parking cards and taxi booking services. 


Parking Machine

Solar-power RTA Parking Meter

You can buy your ticket using coins (50 fils, AED 1) at the nearest paid parking machine. However, RTA is gradually doing away with parking machines especially in newer zones.


NOL Card

NOL cards are convenient to buy your parking ticket. The amount will be deducted from the card balance which can be topped up online. NFC-enabled phones can also be used if you link your NOL card on it. UAE banks also feature credit and debit cards with built-in RTA NOL chips.



Seasonal Parking Permits

Seasonal parking cards are available in different values and periods of validity. You can buy them online from the RTA website as per the parking zone you require, ideally your residence or office location. Assign your car plate or traffic file number. Now you can park in the applicable zone without a cap on no. of hours.


Parking Fines in Dubai

1. Parking illegally AED 500
2. Parking in loading and unloading areas AED 200
3. Parking on the left-hand shoulder of road in prohibited areas AED 1000
4. Parking without securing the car AED 500
5. Parking behind vehicles and blocking their movement AED 500
6. Parking in fire hydrant places, spaces allocated for people with special needs and ambulance parking AED 1000


Parking Zone Categories

Dubai parking zones are divided into A, B, E and F. In late 2017, newer parking zones: I and J have been introduced in new locations such as JLT (Jumeirah Lake Towers). Zone E includes the Deira Fish Market car park and Zone F applies to the Barsha Heights (Tecom) parking area.

The Dubai parking tariff system is classified in three categories:

  • Commercial (Zone A, Zone B)
  • Non-commercial
  • Special areas

Parking Tariffs as per Zone

1. Commercial
ZoneInclusionsTariffApplicable Timing
ZONE ARoadside parking in commercial areas.AED 4 per hour; AED 8 for two hours; ADE 12 for three hours; AED 16 for four hours8 am to 10 pm, except Fridays
ZONE BAll parking lots in commercial zones and drivers holding seasonal cards for this zone can park in zones B and D.AED 3 per hour; AED 6 for two hours; AED 8 for three hours; AED 12 for four hours; AED 15 for five hours; AED 20 for 24 hours8am to 10pm, except Fridays
2. Non-commercial
ZoneInclusionsTariffApplicable Timing
ZONE CCovers roadside parking in non-commercial areas2 AED per hour, 5 AED for two hours 8 AED for three hours 11 AED for four hours *half an hour for 2 AED8am to 10pm, except Fridays
ZONE DCovers all parking lots in non-commercial areas.2 AED per hour 5 AED for two hours 8 AED for three hours 10 AED for 24 hours8am to 10pm, except Fridays
3. Special Areas
ZoneInclusionsTariffApplicable Timing
ZONE E (previously Deira Fish Market)Now known as Waterfront MarketUnderground parking (free) and public parking (payable)8am to 10pm, except Fridays
ZONE FDedicated RTA parking code for parking in all of Barsha Heights (Tecom) areasAED 2 per hour; AED 5 for two hours; AED 8 for three hours; AED 11 for four hours (max)8am to 10pm, except Fridays
ZONE GRTA parking areas in Downtown Dubai AED 4 per hour; AED 8 for two hours; AED 12 for three hours; AED 16 for four hours (max)8am to 10pm, except Fridays

How to use your Parking Card?

You can also renew or buy new seasonal parking card. The RTA provides service to customers so they can purchase the Seasonal Parking Permits through the online site.

Roadside parking

The new seasonal card rates for roadside parking are AED 1,400 for three months
AED 2,500  for six months and AED 4,500 for one year

Parking lots

The new rates for seasonal parking cards for parking lots are AED 700 for three months
AED 1,300 for six months and AED 2,500 for one year.


Which areas fall under each category?

In the new parking tariff system, paid parking zones are categorised into two and payments are according to these specific categories

A. Category One


Abu Hail, Hor Al Anz, Al Baraha, Al Muteena, Al Khabaisi, Al Muraqqabat, Riqqa Al Buteen, Port Saeed, Al Riqqa, Naif, Ayal Nasir, Deira Fish Market, Al Ras and Al Buteen.

Bur Dubai

On the Bur Dubai side, areas like Al Shindagha, Al Souq Al Kabeer, Al Hamriya, Umm Hurair 1,2, Oud Metha, Al Karama, Al Mankhool, Al Raffa, Al Hudaiba, Al Kifaf, 2nd December street, and the sector between Dubai World Trade Centre and Interchange One on Shaikh Zayed Road

Jumeirah Beach Residence and the JBR Walk, 308th street and Al Saada street, parallel to Shaikh Zayed Road between Dubai World Trade Centre and Interchange One.

B. Category Two

It includes the rest of Dubai and rates are expected to remain the same as before. Tariff has increased to 5 AED per hour from 3 AED per hour for RTA multi-storey parking lots.


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