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Dubai Car Rental Telephone Diaries – Episode 2

Car Rental Staff taking phone leads and converting them into sales











In episode one of the Car Rental Telephone Diaries, we covered a conversation between Rackesh (Rent-A-Car-kesh) and a customer (lead). Rackesh was professional and courteous in his communication. He did well. The conversation ended rather well and we believe the sale went through. To close the sale he offered the customer a value add for free.

Value Addition

Free add-ons must be granted to your car rental staff beforehand. They serve as leverage for promising sales. The chances of deals falling through is minimized. Some customers even turn into repeat business and spread the good word. Good-will is extremely valuable in the business of renting cars like most others.

Marketing Right

It’s rare that sales come so easy. If you’re advertising your rental cars at the right price with all the important terms and conditions, it’s more likely. The customer has read your advertisement, the chances of him calls to inquire about your rental car is reduced. He is more likely to call your advertised contact to book the car.

Episode 2

Qualifying sales isn’t always that easy. At times, customers have queries so perplexing that Rackesh is left dumfounded. But on an ordinary day, his calls mostly include customers haggling for a better rate. No matter if you have a fixed rate or not. Tackling hagglers isn’t as easy but once you know that the caller’s only looking for a bargain, no matter how little… Things get easy. Let’s take a look at how Rackesh tries and turns a situation around into his favour.

…(continued from Episode 1)

Customer: That’s too expensive. Can I get a better rate?

Rackesh: Sorry sir, our rates are fixed. As I explained the best deal you can get is with our monthly rental deal.

Customer: Your rates are very high. I know another company offering the same car for 1200 dirhams.

Rackesh: Sir, our rate is for the latest 2015 model of the Hyundai Accent. You might want to check which model the other company is providing because 1200 dirhams is quite a good rate if you get the latest model.

Customer: Yes, 2014 or latest model that said.

Rackesh: Please consider the mileage limit too, sir. We offer 5000 km mileage limit on this monthly deal.

Customer: Alright, man. I’ll check it out.

But even if I go with you… my budget is 1400 dirhams, I can’t do more than that.

Rackesh: Sorry, sir. Wish I could help you but 1500 dirhams is the our rate. Best I can do for you is provide you free delivery and pick-up. And if you extend with us and want to pay by cash, I can send one of our staff to collect the monthly payment at your convenience.

Customer: Okay, that should help. Thanks Rackesh. So I live in Al Quoz area. Where is your company located?

Rackesh: Our office is in International City, sir. But don’t worry, we’ll deliver the car to your location in Al Quoz.

Customer: Great, do you want to note down my address?

Rackesh: Sir, are you available on WhatsApp on this number?

Customer: Yes, perfect.

Rackesh: I’ll send you a message now. You can send your address, Google Maps location. But before that please share your UAE Driving License and Visa Copy.

Customer: Sure.

Rackesh: Sir, we also need a security deposit of AED 1000. Will you be providing it by cash or credit card?

Customer: How does it work if I pay by card?

Rackesh: We’ll block 1000 dirhams on your card for the period you rent the car. And release it 10-15 days after you have returned the car lest something happens to it.

Customer: Oh okay. Maybe I’ll by cash then.

Rackesh: Alright, sir, I’ll message you on WhatsApp in 5 mins.

Customer: Super, let’s chat on WhatsApp. Can you please send me a picture of the car too? Thanks.

Rackesh: Sure, sir. Talk to you soon. Don’t forget to save this number as Drifty Car Rentals.

Customer: Okay. Bye.

…And it’s a done deal. Fin.

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