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Cheap Car Rental in Dubai is now possible – Car Rental Blog
A variety of cars are available for rent in Dubai

Cheap Car Rental in Dubai is now possible – Car Rental Blog

With a population of more than 2 million people, Dubai is an enormous city that’s difficult to get around. Not to mention how expensive it has gotten to travel in the land of sand. Hiring an economical car for personal use is in fact the best way to get around and avoid the high RTA taxi costs you will end up bearing. In recent days, even commuting by the Dubai Metro has gotten expensive.

There are quite a few global car rental players in Dubai: Hertz, Europcar, Budget, National, Sixt, Thrifty, Enterprise, Avis, among others, and most of them offer pretty good deals, full coverage car insurance though the prices are almost double than those that local car hire agencies charge for the same cars. Some of them even offer additional drivers, charging as much as AED 500 per day it though. Nonetheless, if you’d like to experience Dubai on your own, drive a hired car on your own and do away with the premium pricing. We have a many luxury cars available to rent in Dubai, not to mention the guidance you need to get a good deal on a luxury car rental.

Dubai is a vibrant city, full of action and people, and is constantly growing. It’s an oasis that’s worth visiting and one that can offer you a wide range of experiences at the cost you want. Starting right where you land – the Dubai International Airport, there are tens of car rent kiosks but of course they are quite pricy, not to mention the limitations they come with. Given car hire is your best chance of getting around in the city, if you’re interested in seeing things around the city for yourself and pay the amount you want, you can hire a car from local car rental companies. Many of them even offer a pick-up facility (i.e. delivery service) straight at Dubai airport.

They can even equip you with all the necessary info and tools you need to drive your hired car across the fast and efficient network of motorways, connecting Dubai with the other emirates. GPS is available as a chargeable extra though Google Maps is quite updated with Dubai roadways, if your mobile phone offers good battery power. Most cars however do come with USB charging ports. Just remember to keep your charging cable handy.

It’s extremely easy to get to Dubai’s world famous beaches and seaside, if you have a car. If you’re more of a shopping fan, you can drive to Deira City Center and have the shopping experience of your life. They aren’t much of a distance from the airport.

Car rental is currently one of the fastest growing industry and offer a wide variety of choices, options, and deals to suit your unique needs and provide you with comfort and speed. OneClickDrive.com, for instance, offers car rental service booking prior to your arrival in the city. Do take the advantage of that and turn your stay in Dubai into the adventure of a lifetime by finding yourself the car you want, be it a Kia Optima or a Maserati, and book a car through OneClickDrive. Once you try it and understand how easy it is, OneClickDrive.com will form a part of your pre-travelling arrangements!

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