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How Car Rentals Will Eventually Emerge Beyond Covid-19

How Car Rentals Will Eventually Emerge Beyond Covid-19

The entire world has experienced the devastating effects of the Coronavirus (Covid-19). Undoubtedly, the travel industry among others is the worst hit. Consequently, the car rentals industry is at its lowest point in time. But it won’t be long till it regains its lost glory.

While the automobile rental industry is going through a period of hardship, we also will find opportunities to hold it alive. Since the lockdown was announced, the only respite for car rental companies came from reservations made by essential services. In regions where things are slowly opening up, such as the UAE, consumers searching for car rentals and leasing are on the rise. 

It’s a tough time nonetheless. Yet shutting shop and waiting for the market to open up might not be the best idea. In times like this, companies across the world are rising above traditional methods. Below are a few tips to deal how car rental companies can ride through this phase.

Keep your staff motivated, remotely

Remote employment was a modern concept only until the lockdown began. Employers have understood how they can comfortably get the right output. Always find opportunities to keep your teams well-informed. Stay connected. Move away Zoom, Google recently launched its own Meetings app. 

Schedule team-wide meetings in the morning, keep the group involved and help the team exchange ideas to remain linked. Administer your staff via phone, WhatsApp and video communication apps. Maintain an open channel of communication.

Keep the staff optimistic of the future, and give them cause to trust that the present process will evolve and we can recover our lost glory.

Cut costs and improve efficiency

As business owners of one of the most dynamic industries, you know the corners that need to be cut throughout your car rental operations. So we wouldn’t stress on this point. 

However, don’t fret from investing in training your staff. Hone new tools and techniques that will benefit your business in the long run. Have them improve their communication skills, vehicle maintenance, accounting practices and learn new technologies such as online marketing and through social media.

Sanitize your cars

Public transport, though regularly sanitized, still isn’t considered that safe. Most consumers hence choose to hire a personal car for stress-free travel. In order to serve the customer’s best interest, it is important to supply them with sufficiently sanitized cars. Spray your fleet with Grade A disinfectant prior to each hire. 

Take a few pictures and videos of your cars being disinfected and how your staff (wearing gloves and masks). In fact, include in your sales funnel sharing pictures with your customers through the rental process. Stand out from the local car hire shops by displaying that you and your staff are aware of essential hygiene practices. Such practices will deem vital even after the passing of COVID-19, as experts claim.

Discounts that work for you

People are cautious of their spending, now more than ever. They spend only on goods that are essential and below-market price. Work out updated rental rates and support your existing clients as well as future prospects. Capitalize on customers achieved during this period. Some of them might stick with you over the long-term. 

To match consumer demand during the COVID-19 phase, our partners in Dubai have discounted car rental offers. This has been applied across economy, medium-range and luxury car segments. As part of the Eid 2020 campaign, one of our prominent suppliers: Superior Car Rentals is offering more than 40 exotic cars including Ferraris, Lamborghinis, McLarens for AED 999 per day

Car rentals poised to soar 

car rentals market growingWhen things are back on track and cars crowd the roads again. It would be a handful of new car owners and a substantial number of car renters. No matter the discounts, deals and delayed payments, consumers would want to avoid buying cars in the future. 

Stress-free, short-term rental cars would be their ultimate resolve. Be it individuals or businesses. Taking into account just the registration, insurance and maintenance costs, it won’t be difficult for anyone to understand why renting a car is way better.

Car leasing (long-term car rentals) would gain prominence for those wanting to drive a brand new car. Perhaps next Ramadan, we might see a lot more car lease bonanzas direct from dealerships.  

Last thoughts

Plan your business for the future to meet contingencies. While we hope this state doesn’t ever return, it’s important to introspect so no future pandemic affects our business again. There’s promise for a brighter future for our industry. We will certainly return stronger and happier together and evolve companies that last a lifetime.

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  1. Tom James

    Firstly I thought rental industry would completely shut down after the pandemic broke but now as companies are coming ahead with new plans and contingencies, there’s some hope! It feels good

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