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The name ‘Desi Almaari’ says it all. Desi is for all things Indian and traditional and Almaari is a big beautiful wardrobe – that holds within itself precious treasures to be adorned, loved, admired. Desi Almaari is about our love of all things desi that we have curated and filled into our almaaris over the years taking on a life and a narrative.

Shoe Tale – Fashion Or Comfort?

Wearing the wrong shoes while driving can have serious safety implications. It’s not often that the worlds of fashion and road of safety intersect. Since few years ago driving shoes started to become fashionable, that’s exactly when the intersection of the two worlds begin. And about time too, because far too many drivers are making […]

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female driver wearing sunglasses

Driving Sunglasses: Choosing the right pair

“Keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on road.” Driving sunglasses are important for your eyes’ health and, of course, are a fashion statement. Lenses of different colours affect the visibility of light.

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Dubai’s Love for Supercars

When you know that you can get around in a bus, metro, cabs then why own a car? The answer is the same everywhere as in the UAE. Super cars are only fashion statements, customized expressions of who you are, what you think of yourself and what you want to convey to those around you. […]

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