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Automotive industry in the UK 

The United Kingdom has been one of the pioneer countries in automobile production. Although the late 19th Century car industry in the UK was mainly influenced by Germany and France, the early 20th century inspired British engineers to create the first completely domestic design and execution of a four-wheel vehicle. And the automotive industry in […]

Why JLT Is the Place to Eat, Sleep, Drive in Dubai?

Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT) has undergone massive change and has emerged as one of the finest clusters of development in Dubai. It is made up of 26 clusters (A-Z) of skyscrapers, three buildings per cluster. There are plenty of amenities and connectivity, making it a vibrant locality: it consists of residences, offices, retail, beverage and […]

Why should business people use limo services for airport transfers?

The perfect way to go to a business event, client meeting or conference is to hire a limousine. Time is money and for the fast-paced businessman of today, every second counts. It’s a mandate especially for executives: a pleasant, comfortable, and time-efficient. When they hire a chauffeured limousine car, it eases their movement so they […]

The 5 most popular SUVs in the UAE, especially Dubai

Luxury cars and sports cars are plenty in Dubai. It’s an important market, primary as well as secondary, for every world-class automotive company too. End users include those car owners, corporates, limousine companies as well as car rental companies. There is a wide choice to pick from. One can rent a Ferrari in Dubai as […]